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Hi-Intensity LEDs for Motorcycles, RVs, Motorhomes, Boats, Golf Carts, ATVs, Cars and more!
  • Trike Multi-Color Premium Strips in Pink
  • Trike Exhaust Pipes
  • Multi-Color MEGA Stick wheel lights
  • Front Wheel Wiring Kit with Optional 6' Chrome Steel Braid and Zip Ties

Premium Series Multi-Color Trike Kit


Product Description

3/15/17 - Product is currently OUT OF STOCK. We anticipate arrival on/about April 20th.

Designed, Assembled and Supported In The USA

Our Premium Series Fireworks Multi-Color Engine Kit is now available for TRIKES! Our Premium Series Multi-Color LED strips are the ultimate in motorsports accent lighting. Show quality! Our Fireworks Premium Series Strips are thin so they can barely be seen when attached to the bottom of your tank. They also produce a smooth, even glow of light a look you can't achieve with cheap LED imports. This base trike kit consisting of 60 LEDs will light your engine, the ground under the engine and the rear ground area of your trike with any of seven different colors and animate them with special effects using the included remote control. Perfect for Harley trikes and conversions. Our trike kit is customizable which allows you to specify exactly what type of LEDs and how many you want to add for a unique look just for your ride. Plus, you'll save by purchasing the kit instead of buying the individual components.

Base Premium Series Trike LED Lighting Kit Includes

  • Three (3) - 15 cluster Fireworks Premium Series Multi-Color low-profile LED strips for engine and Ground Effects
  • One (1) - 15- cluster Fireworks Premium Series Multi-Color low-profile LED strip for Rear Ground Effects
  • PLUS Series Wireless Multi Function Remote Control with 2 - FOBs
  • Basic Premium Series trike wiring kit that includes 10' LED power extension cable (4 conductor, RGB), heat shrink tubes, Posi-Twist connectors, push button on/off switch, in-line fuse and installation instructions.
  • Original Owner LIFETIME Warranty on LEDs. Three year warranty on remote control.

Trike LED Lighting Kit Options
Depending upon your trike configuration, we offer additional options you can add to our base trike kit. Here's the list of the options we have selected to add to your kit:

  • Remote Control Options:

    Wirelss Controller Options This kit includes our new PLUS series Fireworks Multi-Function Wireless Remote control with color changing, strobe, breathing, flashing and color blending capabilities plus two key fobs. It's rated for 300 LEDs - that's enough to run this kit with room for expansion. You can however elect to UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE this default selection based on your application.

    Upgrade Options

    1) The first option is to upgrade to our new SUPER series multi-function remote. This controller has all the functions of our PLUS model but the SUPER is rated to 900 LEDs. Plenty for those who anticipate expanding their lights in the future.

    2) The second option is to upgrade to our Bluetooth capable wireless remote that uses your Android® or iOS® smartphone to control the lights. With this upgrade there is no key fob to carry or keep track of. You simply use your existing Android® or iOS® Bluetooth 4.0 capable smartphone along with our Boogey Lights® Bluetooth APP to control the LEDs. This controller represents the latest in motorsports LED accent lighting technology not available anywhere else. The PLUS version of our Bluetooth controller is rated for 300 LEDs and the SUPER is rated for 900 LEDs. Perfect for those who anticipate expanding their lights in the future.

    Downgrade Options

    Instead of using a wireless remote to control your lights, you can elect to go with a WIRED controller (e.g. no remote control key fob). Some folks prefer the WIRED option because it's simple and easy. There's nothing to lose or keep track of. Plus, the installation is minimal. The control of the colors and/or lighting effects is done with the push of a button mounted on your ride.  You have two options for the WIRED controllers.  

    Wired Controller Options1) The first option is the mutli-color wired controller which allows you to change the colors.  The controller has one button. This color controller was designed for those who like the simplicity of a hard wired controller but want the flexibility to change the color of the lights on their ride. There are no remote FOBs to carry or lose. With each push of the button you can choose from red, green, blue, amber, light blue, white, uv/purple and yellow. A very simple yet reliable design. For Gold Wings this option is available in our PLUS series rated at 300 LEDs and our new SUPER series rated to 900 LEDs.

    2) The second option is the multi-color / multi-function wired controller which allows you to change the colors as with the multi-color controller above but it also adds lighting effects (e.g. change speed, breathe mode, fade, etc). This controller has three buttons to control the color, speed and mode. This wired controller provides the same functionality as the Fireworks Multi-Function Wireless Remote but in a WIRED format (no key fobs). This option is available in our PLUS series rated at 300 LEDs and our new SUPER series rated to 900 LEDs.

    Both of these wired controller options have small footprint control boxes with push buttons to control the functionality. The control boxes are typically mounted in a location where you can access them easily.

Typical Installation

  • Extra LED Strip - 1 or 2 Extra strips for additional lighting
  • Wheel Lights - 1, 2 or 4 Wheel lights depending on your application. Most trikes will have 2 calipers up front and 1 or 2 out back.Includes mounting supplies
  • Front Wheel Wiring Kit with Steel Braid - A must have for those with braided brake lines up front. Includes mounting supplies, 6' of steel braid and chrome ties
  • Install Supplies - Includes 1 or 2 tubes of promoter and corresponding length of 4 conductor wire to install additional LED strips.

Suggested Placements

Not sure what to order? Here are some suggestions.

The trikes pictured above with our Trike Kit are DFT Trike conversions. They are using the following light configuration:

  • Our base Trike Kit as specified above.
  • Front wheel light pods (2) on front brake calipers
  • Rear Wheel Light LED Strip

The design of the DFT Trike allows for the rear wheel LED strip to wrapped around the axle tube on each side such that the light shows through each wheel giving it a distinct and unique look.

For a Harley trike, the following lighting configuration is suggested:

  • Our base Trike Kit as specified above.
  • Front wheel light pods (2) on front brake calipers.
  • One extra LED strip mounted between the two exhaust pipes.
  • Optional - depending on the clearance between the rear wheel and the brake caliper, you can mount a light pod on the caliper each side.

Need additional assistance? Give us a call and we'll be happy to assist!

Warranty Information

Original Owner Lifetime Warranty on LEDs. Three Year Warranty on Remote Control.

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