40 LED Motorcycle Light Kit

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size: 6.00 W × 3.00 H × 3.00 L

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40 LED Motorcycle Light Kit

New Product! Our 10 POD LED light kit with 40 Hi-Intensity LEDs is ideal for the budget conscious shopper who doesn't want to sacrifice brightness or quality. Boogey Lights® Mini-POD LEDs easily attach to just about anywhere on a motorcycle. They produce an incredible amount of light for such a small footprint. Each Mini-POD contains four hi-intensity 5050 LEDs enclosed in a sonic-welded plastic case for protection from water, dirt and dust. Each Mini-POD includes a 36" power lead. This 10 POD light kit includes installation supplies and a push button ON/OFF switch. This light kit is available in WHITE, BLUE, GREEN, RED, ORANGE and RGB (multi-color). The multi-color version includes our wireless remote control with two RF KEY FOBs. In addition to on/off functionality, the RF remote control has four features: dimming (4 settings), fading, breathing and strobing.

Tech Specs
Dimensions: 1.6 x .7 x .3in (40 x 18 x 8mm)
Amperage: .124 amps
Power Input: 12vdc
Three year original owner warranty

Installation Tips

Suggested Mini-POD Placement

  • 2 - on the right side of the tank
  • 2 - on the left side of the tank
  • 1 - inside the horn
  • 1 - on the back side of the breather
  • 2 - under oil tank or battery box
  • 2 - ground effects lighting installed on the inside of each frame rail.