Freightliner Cascadia Tail Turn Brake ADD-ON LED Lights

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Freightliner Cascadia Tail-Turn-Break LED Light Kit

The Boogey Lights® Tail-Turn-Break LED Light Kit for the Freightlinger Cascadia (2018+) attaches to each side of the rear fairing and integrates with the truck's tail, turn and brake lights. The kit consists of four RED led strips, two on each side with 150 LEDs on each side of the truck. Each LED has 3 diodes. When connected to the truck's brake/tail/turn lights using the included heavy duty relays, one - two - or all three diodes in each LED light up whenever the tail lights are on, brake pedal is pressed or turning indicators engaged. This is a stand-alone kit. If you want to add accent lighting for the rear faiing area, this tail-turn-brake light kit can be purchased as an add-on with that kit.  Click on the VIDEO tab to see this lighting system (and the others) in action.


NOTE: The truck pictured has ALL of our Cascadia LED light kits installed: Under-Glow, Under-Cab, Grill/Air-Vents, Rear Fairing Accent Light Kit and this Tail-Turn-Brake light kit.


DOT COMPLIANCE: The AMBER and RED single color LED strips are DOT COMPLIANT. They conform to applicable provisions of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 requirements.

Tail-Turn-Brake Light kit with four RED led strips + power leads with a total of 300 RED LEDs (150 on each side of the truck)
Four right angle plastic moulding mounts and rivets
Three heavy duty 30/40 amp relays and relay housing
18awg tail-turn-brake light connector wire
Wiring kit, 3M Adhesion Primer, split wire loom.
Installation Manual and Wiring Diagram
Original owner 1 year warranty PROVIDED the installation of the LED strips in this kit are done according to Boogey Lights installation instructions. Failure to mount these LED strips according to the instructions voids the warranty.  

OTHER ITEMS YOU MAY NEED TO COMPLETE YOUR INSTALL. No two installation scenarios are the same. Not everyone shares the same installation quality goals. Some folks are OK with twisting wires together, others want to solder them. Some folks are OK with running wires where they may be seen or unprotected to save money/time, others want a tidy, clean install without any wires showing. Some folks are OK with mounting their LED strips to whatever surface they can find, others want to take the time necessary to build out appropriate mounting surfaces to provide the best lighting effect on their vehicle. The point is it's not possible to provide all the materials necessary for all installation scenarios and quality goals. Our light kits provide the essential components needed for a high-quality, functioning lighting system. Installation of our light kit to your specific vehicle may however require additional items to make it look and fit the way you want. This is particularly the case with electrical wiring and mounting of LED strips. Before proceeding with your installation we suggest you consider THESE OTHER ITEMS.


Installation of this led light kit takes 2 - 3 hours depending on how you elect to do the tail-turn-brake light integration.

There are 4 mounting locations. Two LED strips on each side of the truck along the end of the fairing facing rear-ward. The first step is to rivet the included right angle black plastic moulding to each of the four fairing extensions on the truck. Our kit includes the 5/16" rivets to do this. We recommend at least 4 rivets in each piece. The accent LED light strips mount to the outside of each of the plastic angles facing toward the rear of the truck. All power leads run down the fairing and from there will connect to the relay housing which we suggest locating immediately behind the cab or similar location where the relay housing can be accessed if needed. A 10 awg battery cable needs to be run to the truck's battery and connected to the 12vdc + power with the included fuse holder. The 12vdc - needs to be connected to the frame. For integration with the truck's tail-turn-break lights there a number of options. To make the system work, you need access to THREE circuits: the truck's tail light circuit, left turn signal and right turn signal. The truck's brake light uses the same light as the turn signals. Where you pull those circuits from is up to you however we prefer to pull them directly from the rear tail light assembly on the rear the truck and then run a feeder cable up to the relay housing where the connections are made. We think it's easier to do it this way while minimizing the possibility you might interfere with any of the truck's other electrical systems. The reality however is that you can also find these wires in the wiring harness that runs on the inside of the frame rails back to the rear tail light assembly.  On the frame (aka 'chassis') ground, it's super important to make sure the surface you're connecting to is bare metal.  In many cases you'll have grind off the painted surface first. 


Here are some photos from our Installation Manual.

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