Multi-Color RGBWW LED Under-Glow Light Kit for RVs

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Now you can have WARM WHITE, NATURAL WHITE and BRIGHT WHITE on a Multi-Color RGB LED Strip!

We're thrilled to introduce the latest LED lighting product from BOOGEY LIGHTS®. Our RGBWW LED Light strips and RGBWW LED controller. One question we often hear from customers is do we offer a light series that produces a softer, warmer white look instead of the super-bright, cool white look? The short answer up until now has been, "no". However with our new RGBWW light series, that's all about to change. The technology used in our new RGBWW LED light strips for motor sports applications is a game changer.

Our standard multi-color LED strips are based on an RGB led chip.    Inside each of these RGB LED chips  are three light emitting diodes:  one red diode, one green diode  and one blue diode;  hence the name 'R G B'.   When equal amounts of Red, Green and Blue are mixed together,  the result is a bright white; it  has a  blueish tint to it.    This bright white color is great when you want to illuminate a large area however it can be over-powering at times where you might want a softer, warmer white – closer to the look of candle light which has an orangish – yellowish look.    With standard RGB LED chips this warmer white color isn't possible.  Now however, with the RGBWW LED chip it is.

RGB vs RGBWW | Understanding LED Color Temperature


An RGBWW LED chip contains five light emitting diodes: 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 warm white and 1 cool white.  It's the addition of these two variations of white diodes that makes the difference.    The RGBWW LED chip will not only produce all of the same colors as the standard 3 diode RGB LED chip, it can also produce warm white, neutral white and cool white all using the 2 extra white diodes. But it gets even better; by mixing the warm white and cool white diodes with the RGB diodes it's possible to create additional variations of RGB light combinations. For example, you create softer shades of red that aren't possible with a standard RGB LED chip.  Also, by mixing equal parts of red, green and blue with the warm white diode and cool white diode, you can produce an incredibly bright white light not possible with a standard RGB LED chip. So now that you can choose from a wide range of color temperature and brightness we also added an additional two levels of dimming to our dimming feature. Our new RGB WW LED strip now includes 9 dimming modes vs 7 that are included in our standard RGB LED strips. This allows for you to tailor the brightness of your lights to whatever atmosphere you'd like to set. Each RGBWW LED strip is 16 feet long and can be cut if needed to fit your application. Width of each RGBWW LED strip is 12mm (RGB is 10mm wide). Height is 3mm. Instead of four conductor power lead, the RGBWW strip has a six conductor power lead.

Using an RGB Controller with an RGBWW LED Strip

Since the introduction of our RGBWW LED strips in 2019 we have installed these LED strips in a number of configurations for customers. An increasingly popular request is to use one of our RGB Bluetooth Combo LED controllers along with a dimmer switch (or two). Why? Because the RGB Bluetooth Combo LED controller gives you both RF wireless + Bluetooth control over the R-G-B diodes in the RGBWW strip and the dimmer switch allows you to control the two WW diodes. With this configuration, the RGB outputs on the RGB controller are wired to the R-G-B diodes on the RGBWW strip and the hard wired dimmer switch is wired to the WW diodes on the RGBWW strip (or, to an existing wall switch). We've even had customers use two of our RGB Bluetooth Combo LED controllers: one controls the R-G-B diodes on the RGBWW strip, the other controls the WW diodes on the RGBWW strip. The big advantage is that you can control the lights with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone OR the included RF wireless hand held remote. Our standard RGBWW LED controller only offers RF wireless remote control (Bluetooth is not available with the RGBWW LED controller). Taking this one step further, with our RGB Dual Zone Combo LED Controller, you can use Zone 1 to power the R-G-B diodes and Zone 2 to power the W-W diodes. In this scenario you have only one physical LED controller (a dual zone LED controller) with both Bluetooth and RF wireless control capabilities. Yes, we know it can get confusing with so many options but flexibility is important for many of our customers. If you aren't sure about these options, give us a call or send us an email, we'll be happy to assist you with configuring the right system for your application. We have included a link to a wiring diagram of possible scenarios below.

Using an RGB LED Controller with RGBWW LED Lights


What's Included
2 - Multi-color RGBWW LED light strips, each with 300 super bright RGBWW LEDs on Black PCB (printed circuit board). Total length per strip is 5 meters (about 16 feet long) and can be cut every 3 LEDs if desired. Each strip has authentic 3M industrial strength backing tape affixed to the back of the strip. Each LED strip has 15 feet of 6 conductor power lead cable hard wired and sealed to the LED strip. Additional power lead cable can be purchased if needed.

1 - Your choice of a Multi-Color RGBWW or RGB Wireless LED Controller:

RGBWW: Your choice of either our SUPER or HEAVY DUTY RGBWW LED Controller. You should choose the HEAVY DUTY controller if you want to add additional RGBWW LED light strips to this kit. Each controller includes one Long Range M7 TV Style RF remote control. Max capacity of the RGBWW Super Controller is 600 RGBWW LEDs (two - 16' RGBWW LED strips) and 1200 RGBWW LEDs (four - 16' RGBWW LED strips) for the Heavy Duty controller. The Heavy Duty version is available with and without the Extended Range RF antenna. The Extended Range RF antenna includes two antennas; a 1.5" "stubby" antenna and a 5" magnetically mounted antenna with 16' extension cable. This antenna extension will in most cases, quadruple the range of our wireless remote controllers. In addition, if you're installing the RGBWW LED controller in an area that is encased in metal (which makes it difficult for the RF signal to communicate), using this extended antenna will in most cases resolve any reception issues. The 16' extension cable gives you flexibility to mount the 5" whip antenna in the best location.

RGB: Your choice of either our Heavy Duty Combo (Bluetooth + RF) single zone LED Controller OR dual zone LED Controller. Both of these include our extended range RF antennas and an M7 tv style RF wireless remotes. Both can be operated using your Bluetooth enabled smartphone and our free IOS/Android APP..

3M Adhesion primer (.5 fluid ounces) used in preparing the surface of your RV before affixing the LED strip.
Wiring kit and connectors
Instruction Manual
Controller Wiring Diagram
Three Year Original Owner Limited Warranty

Tech Specs
RGBWW Strip Dimensions:  5 meters (16.4 feet) long x 12mm wide x 3mm high.
RGBWW SUPER Controller Dimensions:  4-1/4" x 2-1/4" x 7/8".
RGBWW or RGB HEAVY DUTY Controller Dimensions:  5.5" long x 3.25" wide and 1.5" high. Note that tHe overall length to accomodate room for wires is 7.5".
Power Input:  12vdc
Amperage:  Each 300 RGBWW LED strip will consume about 3.5 amps on full power
Three year original owner warranty
Requires Boogey Lights® positively switched controller to operate.

RGBWW LED Controller Capabilities

The Boogey Lights® RGBWW LED Controller included in this UNDER-GLOW light kit will display seven RGB colors:


In addition to the RGB colors, the Boogey Lights® RGBWW LED Controller will also display these variations of WHITE:

  • WARM WHITE, NEUTRAL WHITE, COOL WHITE. View the video for this product to see examples of how these look.

The controller will allow you to control the RGB and the WW lights individually or you can mix them together. In addition, these lighting effects are available:


The Long Range M7 remote control offers nine levels of lighting effects (e.g. 9 levels of dimming). The Long Range M7 RF remote uses one A27 12v alkaline battery (included with remote). Up to three Long Range M7 remotes may be paired with one controller.

Note: The RGBWW LED controller does not have Bluetooth control functionality. It has RF wireless control only.


RGB LED Controller Capabilities

The Boogey Lights® RGB LED Heavy Duty Combo Controller will display seven RGB colors using the included M7 RF wireless remote control:


In addition, these lighting effects are available:


Using the free Boogey Lights Bluetooth APP and your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, a total of 16 million color combinations are possible along with the same lighting effects plus presets and color rotation programming.

Keep in mind that if you're using the RGB LED Controller with an RGBWW LED light strip, it will only power the R-G-B diodes on that strip. The two remaining W-W diodes will need to be controlled either via a hard wired switch (or 2 switches if you want to operate each W W independently) OR another RGB LED controller (e.g. Dual Zone RGB Controller). If you're going to use another RGB LED controller to power the WW diodes, only 2 of the 3 LED outputs will be used (e.g. Red output = Warm white diode, Green output = Cool white diode). The Blue output would be capped - or - if you prefer, you can wire the Blue output to one of the two W-W diodes. If you're controlling the W-W diodes on the RGBWW LED strip with a hard wired switch, you have a number of options. First, if you have an existing wall switch, you can tie that existing wall switch to the two W-W diodes (both of the WW diodes will operate at the same time). Doing so will produce a bright white (both W-W diodes will light) when the switch is turned on. As an option, you can install a Dimmer Switch (one or two). If you install one dimmer switch, both W-W diodes will work at the same time (they'll be blended together). If you install two dimmer switches, you will be able to independently control each W diode on the RGBWW led light strip giving you more control over the shade of white (and brightness). Yes, we know it can be a little over-whelming with so many options. Call us if you need assistance in determining what's best for your application.


Extra 3M Adhesion Primer

3M Promoter is a powerful adhesion primer. It's an essential step in the installation process but you don't need much of it to make it work. A simple single swipe on the surface you're mounting the light strip to is all you need. Our lighting kits include enough 3M Adhesion Primer to mount the strips in the kit for most installations. Some customers however feel better if they "paint" the mounting surface completely with it -- which is fine if you want to but not necessary. The problem is that 3M Adhesion Primer isn't readily available everywhere; particularly weekends, holidays and evenings. If you use all of the primer that's included with the kit but run out before you're finished, you'll have to wait to finish the job until you get more adhesion primer. If you're one of those people who would prefer to have a little adhesion primer left-over just in case, we offer the option of adding additional tubes to your order. Or, if you prefer, an entire 8oz can of 3M Adhesion Primer can be added to your order.

Note: All Boogey Lights® LED strips are COMMON CATHODE LEDS. They share a common ground and will only work with positively switched controllers. Most LED strips on the market today are COMMON ANODE because the controller technology used to power them is less expensive to manufacture. However they're not nearly as bright and are an overall inferior design when compared with COMMON CATHODE LEDs.

OTHER ITEMS YOU MAY NEED TO COMPLETE YOUR INSTALL. No two installation scenarios are the same. Not everyone shares the same installation quality goals. Some folks are OK with twisting wires together, others want to solder them. Some folks are OK with running wires where they may be seen or unprotected to save money/time, others want a tidy, clean install without any wires showing. Some folks are OK with mounting their LED strips to whatever surface they can find, others want to take the time necessary to build out appropriate mounting surfaces to provide the best lighting effect on their vehicle. The point is it's not possible to provide all the materials necessary for all installation scenarios and quality goals. Our light kits provide the essential components needed for a high-quality, functioning lighting system. Installation of our light kit to your specific vehicle may however require additional items to make it look and fit the way you want. This is particularly the case with electrical wiring and mounting of LED strips. Before proceeding with your installation we suggest you consider THESE OTHER ITEMS you may need.

NOTE ON EXTENDED USE: The LEDs used in this product are very bright; the brightest 12vdc LED lights available. They're designed to be used for accent lighting applications where they are typically powered on for a few hours (usually on a dimmed setting) and then powered off. While they can be used in functional lighting applications (e.g. bright white to temporarily illuminate a work area), the lights should NOT be left powered on for extended periods of time (e.g. 6+ hours). If the LEDs are left powered on for long periods of time - particularly on their brightest setting - the LEDs closest to the power source will have a burned look to them over time. This is because the amount of voltage being pulled through the LEDs closest to the power source will be higher than the voltage going through the LEDs further down the strip. The end result is that those LEDs closest to the power source will be hotter thus creating the burned look. This will occur mostly when displaying the color white on a full brightness setting but can also occur with other colors. For this reason, we do NOT suggest leaving these LED lights powered up for extended periods of time particularly on their brightest setting. Burned looking LEDs is NOT covered under warranty.

Installation Tips

Typical Installation

There is no set installation configuration. Whether you have a motor home, bus, 5th wheel, tag-along travel trailer, utility trailer, food truck or semi-truck the configuration concepts are pretty much the same. Your rig and your imagination are the only limits. Using the above diagram, here are some typical installation ideas to consider which have worked well for other customers.

Standard Installation - 2 Hi-Intensity LED Strips

A: The standard Under-Glow kit includes two, super bright 16' LED light strips (each with 300 LEDs). These two strips are typically mounted (centered) between the front axle and the rear axle. While the distance between the front axle and the rear axle might be longer than 16', most customers find that the two16' LED strips provide more than enough light for the area between the front and rear axles.

Want More Light? Add Full Perimeter Lighting

B & C: For additional light, you can add a 4' or 8' LED light strip at the rear and / or the front of the coach to provide full perimeter lighting. These ADD-ON strips come with your choice of a 10', 25' or a 50' power lead to accommodate almost any motor home configuration. The power leads need to run back to the 12v power source where the controller is located.

Slide-out Lighting Option

D: Depending upon the width of your slide-out you can add a 4', 8', 12' or even a 16' ADD-ON LED light strip underneath your slide-out to illuminate the area immediately below the slide-out when it is out. The 4', 8' and 12' ADD-ON strips comes with either a 10', 25' or 50' power lead. The 16' ADD-ON strip comes with your choice of a 15', 25' or 50' power lead.

ADD-ON HI-INTENSITY LED STRIPS can be purchased separately.

Some things to keep in mind when deciding how many and what type of LED strips to purchase:

  1. Our Hi-Intensity LED strips can be cut every 3 LEDs to accommodate shorter runs.
  2. The maximum length of one Hi-Intensity strip is 16'. Multiple 16' strips CAN NOT be daisy chained together. If you want to do a run longer than 16', you can butt two strips together to get the desired length. That said, we've never seen an installation that required doing this for a lack of light. Boogey Lights® LEDs are so bright that one 16' strip should provide more light than you'll need. Simply centering one 16' strip will in most cases be sufficient.
  3. The maximum number of 16' LED strips that can be powered at one time depends on which controller you're using. Our Heavy Duty controller will power at least six 16' LED strips. You might be able to get 7 depending upon your wiring. That said, it's possible to add additional controllers and manage those controllers with one RF remote. Lots of possibilities. The limitation ultimately comes down to your power source.
  4. Be mindful of where your power source is located as well as where you will be mounting the controller. The power lead for each Hi-Intensity strip needs to connect directly to the controller at your power source. Knowing where your controller will be mounted in relation to where the LED strip will be placed will determine how much power lead cable is needed on each LED strip.

Installation Tips

Installing the Boogey Lights® LED UNDER-GLOW RV kit is relatively simple. Typical installation time is about 90-120 minutes. Some things to keep in mind before you start.

  • The Under-Glow RV kit is intended to be installed on the bottom of an RV, camper or trailer. Make sure you have adequate area where to affix the LED light strips. The 5th Wheel Toy Hauler appearing in our photos has an enclosed bottom which make it easy to affix the LED light strips to the unit. However not all RVs have an enclosed bottom. If your RV doesn't have an enclosed bottom you'll need to make sure you have sufficient surface area to attach the LED strips. In addition, the area where you are attaching the LEDs needs to be reasonably clean and smooth (and free from sharp edges). If not, the LED strips won't stick.
  • When mounting on the bottom of any vehicle we recommend making sure you are not mounting the strip in-line with the wheels or in areas that might be prone to a direct strike from road debris. While Boogey Lights® Hi-Intensity LED strips are made for motorsports applications, they will likely not survive a direct strike from a hard object. If you are concerned the LED strips might be hit by road debris due to their mounting location we recommend using our Heavy Duty LED Strips which are better able to survive a direct strike from road debris.
  • Make sure you know where your electrical connection will be. Most RVs (motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel) have an electrical access panel somewhere on the right side of the RV where 12vdc power is available. If you are going to use 110vac, make sure you have ample room to mount/affix the power converter box. The 110vac to 12vdc power converters we sell for this kit are 10 amps. If you are going to max out the heavy duty controller with LED light strips you'll need to run TWO power converters in parallel (for a total of 20 amps). If you have questions on this, please call us. We'll be happy to assist you!
  • Decide how you are going to connect the power lead coming from your LED light strips to the power source. Most RVs have access into the electrical closet from underneath the RV itself. If so, this is the perfect place to run your power cables. Important to remember that the remote control units are not water proof so you want to mount the controller box in an area that will remain dry.
  • The only way to ensure the LED light strip stays stuck to the underbelly of your RV, camper or trailer is to make sure you prepare the surface in accordance with the directions. Every LED light kit we sell includes 3M promoter (aka "primer"). It's absolutely critical the surface be prepared using this special 3M promoter and that you follow the directions provided with every light kit. For the power lead wires that feed the LED strip we include some extra 3M tape and zip tie mounts.
  • If you need to cut the LED strip, make sure you do it before affixing to your RV. Our LED strips can be cut every 3 LEDs and are clearly marked.
  • AMPERAGE Data for all Boogey Lights products can be found on our website.
  • 3M Adhesion Primer. The cotton tip on the end of the 3M Promoter tube will evaporate quickly. Once you break the glass tube inside the promoter tube (we’re assuming you’re using the tubes versus a can of promoter) it’s important to use the promoter tube immediately. Do not allow it to sit around. If you do, the cotton applicator tip will dry up. Once you paint on the promoter you have at least an hour to mount the light strip although we recommend proceeding immediately after painting the surface with the 3M Promoter.
  • When in doubt, call our technical support team! We're the experts. We've done this thousands of times. We know what works.

Placement Options