Super Bright LED American Flag

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size: 45.00 W × 23.00 H × 3.00 L

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Super Bright LED American Flag

NEW PRODUCT! Show off your patriotism with our unique Super Bright LED American Flag.

These LED flags are incredibly bright! At night they can easily be seen from 100 yards away.  Each LED flag contains 450 super-bright LEDs enclosed in plastic which proudly illuminates Old Glory's RED, WHITE and BLUE! The unique design allows for viewing from both sides. Not only are they ideal for display outside your RV, they're also great for home use for parties, pool side, game rooms or on your patio, deck, front porch, sporting event, front yard or really anywhere you want to show off your RED, WHITE and BLUE pride. They can be staked into the ground, hung by wire, lean them against a rigid surface or use a suction cup mount. They're 40" wide by 21" high and 1.5" deep. They weigh 18 pounds. Frame is powder coated steel.  Flags use 12vdc LEDs with max draw of 3 amps. Includes 12vdc power cord to be wired directly to any 12vdc power source capable of supplying 3amps, 12vdc. Optional 110/120vac to 12vdc power converter (waterproof, IP68 rated) is available.

While the flag has been designed for indoor or outdoor use, it's intended to be used as a temporary decoration. LEDs are encased in a UV protected plastic to preserve brightness when used outdoors however the plastic will fade over time particularly if left outdoors in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. The flag is not intended or built to be used as a permanent fixture left outdoors 24/7. No assembly required. They're ready to go out of the box.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size and weight of these flags, we cannot offer free shipping.


Super Bright LED American Flag with 450 LEDs
40" wide, 21" tall and 1.5" deep. Weighs 18lbs.
12vdc power cable included.
Optional 110/120vac to 12vdc power adapter is available (select option to include.)
Shipping box dimensions of 45" x 23" x 3"
90 day warranty against product defect


Very little setup is required. Out of the box they can be used in minutes. Simply connect the included power cord to the flag and connection to your power source. Requires 12vdc, 3amp power source. Optional 110/120vac to 12vdc power converter is available.

If you're using the optional Suction Cup mounting kit with the LED Flag, make sure you select a smooth, non-porous flat surface. Do not apply over decals, "wraps", or over 3M Diamond Shield. Also, do not apply to thin laminated surfaces that do not have a solid surface behind the laminate. The powerful suction can in some situations pull weak laminated surfaces away from their backing. The suction cup mounting system is intended to be used for temporary installations such as on the side of an RV or windshield. Once you have selected the location, follow these steps: 1) Using a wet cloth, clean the area on your RV or vehicle where you are going to attach the suction cups. Remember to not choose a spot that is over any decals. Painted surfaces are okay. 2) Using water, dampen the surface of the suction cup and be sure it is clean and damp when applying to surface. 3) Firmly press the suction cup against the surface that it is being attached to so that the cup is flat against surface. 4) Flip suction cup locking handle inward towards the other handle to lock into place. Gently tug on the cup to be sure it is securely attached. 5) Insert one end of the top of the flag frame (the ends of the flag frame are open) onto the holder post which is secured to the suction cup handle. 6) While holding or supporting the LED FLAG, repeat the process for the second suction cup holder at the other end of the flag. NOTE:  it is important to make sure you dampen the suction cup before pressing to the mounting surface.  While the suction cup will hold for awhile, without dampening the cup first, it will eventually lose suction and release.  

Download the Installation Info Here: Suction Cup Mounting System Installation

Remember to remove the LED FLAG before you move your RV, camper or vehicle! To remove the suction cup holder, simply release both locking levers and gently peel the cups away from the surface. Make sure you are supporting the LED FLAG so it doesn't fall.