VNL GEN 2 / GEN 3 Fairing Extension LED Light Kit

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size: 8.00 W × 8.00 H × 8.00 L
Warranty: 3 year original owner warranty
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VNL GEN2 / GEN3 Fairing Extension Light Kit

The Boogey Lights® Fairing Extension Light Kit for the Volvo VNL series HDT is designed to light up the area behind the sleeper producing a nice glow effect. Designed to be an ADD-ON to our Under-Cab Accent Light Kit, it is available in both single color and multi-color (RGB) versions these LED light strips mount to either the fairing extension or, if you truck is equipped with air deflectors attached to the fairing extensions, the air deflector leading edge. Regardless of which model, the LED strips point inward toward the back of the sleeper which provides a very nice glow effect (see photos, video). The passenger's side LED strip has a 25' power lead and the driver's side strip has a 15' power lead to connect to a 12v power source, switch or Boogey Lights® RGB controller. When paired with our VNL GEN2/GEN3 Under-Cab Accent Light Kit, this fairing extension light kit creates a very cool lighting effect for the entire tractor. If purchasing the RGB multi-color version, the power lead will need to connect to a Boogey Lights® controller which is included with our Under-Cab Accent Light kit or sold-separately. Will fit both the VNL Gen 2 (2004-2018) and VNL Gen 3 ( 2019+) trucks.  

If you're purchasing the RGB (multi-color) version of this kit but aren't purchasing the Under-Cab Accent Light Kit to pair with this Fairing Extension Light Kit you'll need an RGB remote control to power the LEDs. In this instance you can add the HEAVY DUTY COMBO CONTROLLER which is listed as an option. This LED controller is both a Bluetooth and RF controller capable of powering up to 1800 LEDs. Not required for single color LEDs.

(Photos for this product show our Fairing Extension Light Kit installed on a 2015 Volvo VNL 780 with the Air Deflectors.  Also shown is our Under-Cab Accent Light Kit with Super Bluetooth RGB combo controller along with Air Vent light Kit.  RGB Version). 

DOT COMPLIANCE: The AMBER and RED single color LED strips are DOT COMPLIANT. They conform to applicable provisions of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 requirements.

These surface mounted Hi-Intensity LED strips are not intended to be used on heavy duty commercial equipment which frequently operate in extreme cold weather climates on roads treated with corrosive chemicals used for melting snow and ice. Over time these chemicals will erode the epoxy coating and expose the circuitry to moisture. Additionally, these LED strips are not built to withstand significant lateral flexing, twisting and/or bending of the mounting surface often associated with heavy duty commercial truck applications. This is particularly true for mounting surfaces such as frame rails and related chassis sub-structures. The lateral movement of the mounting surface stresses the PCB to the point at which the solder joints fail causing the strip to short out. Hi-Intensity Strips that fail in these operating environments ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. For these types of operating environments we recommend our HEAVY DUTY LED STRIPS or choose one of our HEAVY DUTY TRUCK LED KITS.

2 - Fairing Extension LED strips in your choice of color (Single Color or RGB) mounted on your choice of Black or White PCB. One with a 15' power lead, one with a 25' power lead. The light kit for trucks that have the fairing extensions without air deflectors has 378 LEDs. The light kit for trucks with air deflectors attached to the fairing extensions has 294 LEDs.
2 - 3M® Promoter tubes
4 - Alcohol wipes for prepping the surface where each LED strip will be mounted.
1 - Installation Instructions

An example of our Bluetooth controller Programmable Color Rotation feature programmed to run through a sequence of Red, White and Blue. This 2015 Volvo VNL 780 has our Under-Cab lights, Air-Vent lights and our Fairing Extension light kit installed.



Installation Tips

Installation Info, Where To Mount

Total installation time is about one hour. See photos of where to mount the LED strips depending upon which version of the lighting kit your purchased. Be sure to prep the surface by cleaning with alcohol and then applying 3M promoter. The LED strip with the 25' power lead should affix to the passenger's side. The LED strip with the 15' power lead should affix to the driver's side. Make sure you route the power lead cable far enough away from the exhaust stack, SCR, DPF or other hot components. If you purchased the RGB version you'll need to connect each power lead to the controller (sold separately). In our case we simply connected the Fairing Extension Light Kit power leads to our existing Boogey Lights controller we installed with our Under-Cab Accent Light kit. If you purchased the single color version, make sure you have sourced power such that the circuit is fused.

Note on color selection: Amber (and Red if facing toward the rear) are the only colors that can be used while driving. If purchasing the RGB multi-color version, you can adjust the color displayed using the remote or your Bluetooth phone. We've found that white is very helpful when parked for working around the truck.

Why does the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Matter? LED lights are mounted to a Printed Circuit Board (or PCB for short). The color of that PCB makes a difference in how the finished installation looks in the daylight. Our LED light strips come in two versions to match the surface the strip will be attached to. If you have a light colored truck you will probably want to order the WHITE PCB light strip. If you have a dark colored truck, you will probably want to order the BLACK PCB light strip.