Our OEM program is intended for manufacturers who want to incorporate Boogey Lights® LED lighting solutions in their product builds. Our OEM program allows manufacturers to purchase directly from Boogey Lights® at a discount and to use the Boogey Lights® name in their product branding/marketing if desired. Customers of authorized OEMs will receive Boogey Lights® warranty support for all OEM product builds provided Boogey Lights® installation standards are met for the products purchased. Authorized OEMs are different than Boogey Lights® Dealers however in that OEMs are not permitted to market or resell Boogey Lights® products as stand-alone products to the public. The intention and purpose of the OEM program is for Boogey Lights® products to be incorporated into the product builds of the OEM. Some of the most common examples include food trucks, food trailers, travel trailers, cargo trailers, boat trailers and the like. If this describes your company, please complete the OEM APPLICATION on this page and we'll get you setup.

NOTE: If you're looking to sell, service and/or install our LED light kits to consumers, please visit our DEALER PROGRAM page.

  1. Registered business with FEIN number.
  2. Full time venture manufacturering, building or upfitting vehicles of some type (e.g. cargo trailers, travel trailers, food trucks/trailers, boat trailers, etc) that are sold to the public.
  3. A commercial shop with a commercial street address where you build your products for resale.
  4. A company website and/or Facebook page specific to the business.
  5. Has installation personnel who are capable of installing Boogey Lights® products on their builds in accordance with our installation instructions.
  6. Anticipate being able to make at least one purchase of Boogey Lights® products per year.
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Boogey Lights OEM Application
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