Founded in 1989, Boogey Lights® is the oldest and most well known name in the motorsports accent lighting business. We literally invented the industry when we first started mounting neon tubes on motorcycles in 1989. Boogey Lights® offers the best LED products, the best warranty and the best customer service in the business. Don't believe us? Check our these CUSTOMER REVIEWS. Best of all, we do it mostly within the United States at a time when virtually all other LED lighting products are produced 100% over-seas. For more information on what makes Boogey Lights® products different than any of the competitors, CLICK HERE. For more about the Boogey Lights® brand and our history, CLICK HERE.

Are you a manufacturer looking to use Boogey Lights® in your builds? If so, please visit our OEM PROGRAM page. We'll send you the OEM AGREEMENT.


  1. Registered business with FEIN number.
  2. Full time venture with regular business hours, company phone number and company email address in a related industry or business sector.
  3. At least one of the following:
    • A retail store front with a commercial street address.
    • A commercial shop with a commercial street address where you service, build, sell accessories and/or sell industry related products (e.g. RVs, semi-trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, boats, etc.)
    • A branded mobile service vehicle where you travel to customers to perform related services.
    • A travel trailer or similar mobile setup where you travel to rallies and events to service/sell industry related products.
  4. A company website and/or Facebook page specific to the business.
  5. Positive customer reviews from an independent review platform.
  6. Able to demonstrate the ability to sell, service and support Boogey Lights® products.
  7. Minimum purchase of least $300 within the first 90 days with total minimum purchases of $1000 each year thereafter to maintain authorized dealer status.

Don't quite meet these qualifications? If your business doesn't quite match what we're looking for (e.g. it's a side business operating out of your home) but you're interested in working with the Boogey Lights® brand in some capacity, we have a hobbyist classification that provides a modest discount. We do this to give prospective new dealers the opportunity to use our products. This way they're able to gain some experience and demonstrate competency with installing our products which often paves the way to granting authorized dealer status in the future. If this is something you want to explore, indicate as such in the dealer application comment section and we'll get you setup.

What about reselling Boogey Lights® products online? If your primary business is selling online (vs stocking, selling, servicing and/or installing locally), our dealer program is not for you. We're looking for businesses who can sell, service and support our product in their local market.

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