Stabilizing the Vertical Rear Fairing Mounting Bracket

Required for installing Rear Fairing Accent and Tail-Turn-Brake Light Kits

If you purchased our Rear Fairing Accent (RFA) and/or Tail-Turn-Brake (TTB) Light Kits you'll notice we include black plastic L channel with the kit. This plastic L channel is used for two purposes: 1) to build out the vertical mounting bracket where the LED strips will mount and 2) to brace that vertical mounting bracket so it doesn't move and flex as much when driving down the road. While technically the light system will work fine without the extra bracing, our experience has been that especially with VOLVO and FREIGHTLINER trucks, the braces are absolutely essential. They keep that plastic vertical LED strip mounting surface ridgid. If you don't add the braces, the constant wind buffeting harmonics around the vertical fairing as the truck moves down the road will cause that plastic fairing to oscilate just enough that over time, the LED strip PCB will fail. Adding the braces as shown in the photos and video on this page reduces that oscilation. The problem is not nearly as pronounced on trucks that have metal ridgid fairing structures such as Peterbilt and Mack.


In this brief one minute video we show you a close up installation of a tail-turn-brake light system where we add the braces on both sides of the truck.