3M Double-Sided Tape

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3M® Double-Sided Tape

This is the industrial grade double-sided tape we use to attach Boogey Lights® LED products to RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, golf-carts and other vehicles. Available by the foot up to five feet.  You can order multiples of the same length (e.g. Qty 2 of the 5' length would give you two five foot lengths for 10' total).  3M® Double-Sided Tape when used with 3M® Promoter creates a permanent bond between the two surfaces making it very difficult to remove.

Minimum of One (1) Foot or up to 5' of 3M Double-Sided Tape used to attach LED lights to your ride

Note: Before using this tape, be sure to properly clean the mounting surface with alcohol and then apply 3M® promoter (sold separately) to the desired location for your lights. This will insure you get a long lasting durable adhesion.