Boogey Lights® is a manufacturer. Not a reseller. There's a difference. Most LED lighting systems sold today are private labeled systems mass produced for a wide variety of applications. They're sold by resellers. Boogey Lights® is different. Our lighting systems are purpose built for the lighting applications you see offered here on our website. They are specific to our brand and the applications we support. They cannot be purchased in any form any where else. More importantly, our lighting systems are custom built to order. When you place your order, we build it to the specifications you select. No other company offers this level of customization or flexibility. None. Zero. We currently offer more than 1500 different combinations of LED colors, styles and configurations each with at least 15 different controller and switching options.

We plan our component parts needs 90 to 120 days out. None of our core lighting components are available in the USA (more about that here). And because these lighting systems are unique to us, the components aren't mass produced. There's always a time delay from when we place our components orders to when we receive them. Sometimes it's as short as 10 days. Other times it can be 20-45 days or more. If sales of a specific product configuration out-pace projections, we're going to be temporarily out of stock for the components that make up that specific product configuration / combination. While we try to avoid these situations, it's impossible to accurately predict sales 2 or 3 months out for the components needed to build all possible product configuration options we offer. We mention this because the delivery time frame quoted on the product page here is an estimate. It's not a guarantee. When you place an order be aware it's possible we may not be able to ship your order in the time frame as stated here. In most cases we will but not always. While we will typically reach out to customers via email in these situations, we generally don't do so unless we know the delay will be greater than 10 days. For those who aren't comfortable with paying for the product when the order is placed knowing their order may not be shipped as quickly as we project, we suggest reaching out to us first before placing your order. Ultimately though in these situations we're always happy to issue refunds to customers who can't wait the additional time for the components to arrive to build out their kit.