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48/60/72vdc to 12vdc Voltage Reducer

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48/60/72VDC to 12VDC Voltage Reducer

48/60/72vdc to 12vdc voltage converter. Ideal for electric golf carts that want to run 12vdc devices such as Boogey Lights®. This voltage converter will reduce the voltage often found on electric golf carts to 12vdc.  Also referred to as a Step Down (Buck) Voltage Regulator. Measures 3.5" x 4.2" x 1.9". 

NOTE: This converter works with any battery packs of working voltage ranging from 48 volt dc to 72 volt dc; NOT higher or lower. The input voltage is preset from manufacture and it is non-adjustable.

Input Voltage:  48vdc to 72vdc
Output Voltage:  12vdc
Amps:  Max amperage is 20amps

Before connecting any wires be sure to verify all INPUT and OUTPUT power sources with a volt meter to confirm they are what you think they are.  Failure to do this could damage not only the converter but also any devices you're trying to hook up. This is not a Boogey Lights product.  These voltage reducers can be purchased any number of places.  We offer it to customers as a convenience only.  We do not warranty or provide support for this device. 

Wiring Information:

  • Thick RED wire goes to BATTERY + (this is your input power source positive)
  • Thin BLACK wire goes to BATTERY - (this is your input power source negative)
  • Thick BLACK wires goes to LED CONTROLLER negative (this is your LED controller negative/ground)
  • YELLOW wire goes to LED CONTROLLER positive (this goes to your LED controller fused 12vdc input wire)
  • Thin RED wire goes to key switch. If you don't have one, it should be wired back to the BATTERY + (this is the input power source, same voltage as what the THICK RED WIRE connects to). Note:  If using a key switch, the voltage on that circuit must be the same as what the input power source is. 

    NOTE:  If your reducer comes with a nylon plug on the end, cut it off.  


1 - voltage reducer 48/60/72vdc to 12vdc, 20A, input DC 48-72vdc, 240W, made of aluminium.
Easy to wire. Solid design.