Knowing how much power you're consuming is important to make sure the wiring, battery, switches, fuses and connectors are capable of handling the power consumption. Below you'll find a chart containing the recent amperage data for Boogey Lights® products. Measurements were done using 12.5vdc input power with the lights directly connected to the 12v battery source. In the case of RGB products the test configuration is done using the color white on max-power (not dimmed). RGB LEDs that are displaying a color other than white will consume less power and thus fewer amps. While these numbers are accurate for the tested configuration they are intended to be used only as a guide for helping customers size their circuit requirements. We encourage customers to take their own amperage measurements as every installation is unique. For Boogey Lights® products that include a controller, amperage rating will appear on the back label of the controller.

Boogey Lights Amperage Data