Appropriately sizing the components in your lighting system is critical. Making sure your lighting system doesn't exceed the amperage ratings of each individual component is essential. Scroll down for our amperage data chart (or, download the pdf) that details amperage draw per LED for both our low profile and heavy duty led light series. We list amperage draws on two input voltages: 12.5 vdc and 13.5 vdc. If you're wiring your lights to a vehicle that has a charging mechanism (e.g. alternator), that input voltage will likely increase particularly as RPMs increase.  It's not unusual for an alternator to charge the battery at a rate of 14 vdc depending upon the vehicle. Increasing the input voltage to the LED Controller/LEDs will also increase the amperage draw of those LEDs. We always suggest measuring actual amperage drawn for your particular installation to make sure it's fused and wired appropriately. If you are not familiar with DC electricity and how to measure both voltage and amperage draw, we urge you to seek the assistance of someone who does. Improperly sized circuits can cause fires and/or damage other electrical systems in your vehicle.  

We've included an ACDelco Youtube video below to demonstrate how to measure amperage using an inexpensive digital multi-meter.

Amperage Data

How to Use a Digital Multi-Meter (DMM) to Measure Amperage