Butyl Tape

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size: 3.00 W × 3.00 H × 3.00 L

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Butyl tape is a premium synthetic rubber sealant. It is non-drying, non-hardening. It will remain permanently sealing and waterproofing.  Has high viscosity, high elasticity and tightness.   Butyl tape adheres to any material you can think of; plastic, fiberglass, glass, metal, wood or concrete just to name a few. It is waterproof and is impervious to temperature changes. Butyl tape is highly resistant to movement and shock and can be easily adjusted during and after it is applied. Ideal for use on vehicles with surfaces that move, vibrate, flex, contract and expand.   It is UV resistant and protects surfaces from corrosion.   At Boogey Lights we use butyl tape for a variety installation applications on all kinds of vehicles.  Some of the most common uses we've found include:

  • Sealing holes we've drilled in vehicle for wire access.
  • Holding down the end of an LED power lead to a mounting surface to make sure the power lead doesn't stress the solder point.
  • Filling in dips or holes in mounting surfaces where we would normally not mount an LED strip over.  With butyl tape we're able to fill in those uneven surfaces which make it safe to mount the LED strip on top of. 
  • See photos of these uses above.

Offered for sale by the foot. Maximum length of a single roll is 5'.  Note:  You don't need much of this stuff for most applications.  

Width: 9mm  
Color:  Black