Crimp On Wire Connector for RGB LED Strip

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JUNE 2020.  Sorry.  This product is no longer available. We stopped offering it because of the problems associated with using crimp on connectors.  We suggest soldering the power lead to the LED strip instead of using a crimp on connector. It's much more reliable.


Crimp On Wire Connector for RGB LED Strip

Crimp on wire connector for multi-color (RGB) LED strips. Intended to be used with our LEDs by the foot (or roll) multi-color LED product. These connectors clamp on the Red, Green, Blue and Black copper points embedded every 3 LEDs in our LED strips sold by the foot or the roll. While you could solder the power leads on, these connectors make the job a little easier (although we still prefer to solder the power leads as its a more reliable connection). Be sure to pay close attention to which way you install this crimp-on connector to the LED strip. It's important the black, green, red and blue wires on the crimp-on connector match up with the proper colors on the LED strip (the Ground solder point is the critical connection to match on the PCB). See the closeup photo. Total length is about 5 inches.

Note: If you are buying this product we have to assume you know what you're doing. Only the most technically capable should be attempting to do their own soldering and/or using crimp-on wire connectors to attach power leads to the LED strip. If you aren't familiar with flexible Printed Circuit Board layout, how to identify the GROUND lead on the PCB, how to test your work before permanently installing and in general how RGB lighting works, we strongly suggest allowing us to do the soldering for you (select our ADD-ON RGB LEDS WITH POWER LEAD). If there is a problem with the LED light strip which we determine could be a result of how the power lead was attached, the warranty will be void.  

Installation Tips

Here are some tips for installing these on our LED By The Foot products:

  • Remove a small section of the polyurethane from the top - about 1/4"
  • Remove a small section of the 3M tape from the back - about 1/4"
  • Remove the hinged plastic tab by cutting with sidecuts/diagonals
  • Slide the pcb board into the groove on the connector until the copper points on the strip are securely underneath the four (4) silver metal tabs on the connector and make contact
  • Once you confirm you have a good, solid connection use some Liquid Electrical Tape to seal and secure the connector to the LED strip
  • Slide a piece of large heat shrink tubing over the connector and shrink it tight

To power the LED strip you will need to attach power lead wire to one end of the LED strip. There are two ways to do this. First is using the CRIMP-ON connector. This is a popular option for those who are unfamiliar with soldering or don't have a soldering iron handy. It's simple enough to do using the CRIMP-ON power lead connectors we offer. The second option is soldering. While the soldering method does require a soldering iron (a soldering iron can be purchased at just about any hardware store for less than $20), we prefer this method as we've found soldering to be more robust and durable long term. That said, both methods will work. Below are two videos that walk you through both processes: CRIMP-ON and SOLDERING.