Installing Boogey Lights® Cut N’ Click™ series on an Ultra Classic or Road King is a fairly straight forward process. You will first need to order the standard Cut N’ Click™ engine kit that comes with 78 LED lights and a wiring kit. We're also including in these instructions some additional lights you can add on these bike models which are not included in the standard light kit.

Once you have your lights we can begin!

1. Undo your seat and figure out where you will place your remote control box (if you are installing one). There is generally plenty of room under the seat to place your wires and remote control box.
2. Run your ground wire and your hot fuse wire from the battery to the area where the remote control box will be placed.
(This is also the place where all of your wires will be connected from your lights.)
3. Prep your bike by cleaning and promoting. (you can view diagram to see where to clean and promote).
4. Cut your Cut n’ Click™ lights into the various segments that you will need for the bike.

Here is a diagram of the breakdown.

Right Side of the HD Ultra Classic

Right side of bike:

1- 18 light segment (placed on the back of the gas tank with lights shining down).
1- 6 light segment (placed behind the breather with lights shining down).
Left side of bike:
1- 21 light segment (placed on the back of the gas tank with lights shining down).
1- 6 light segment (placed behind the horn cover with lights shinning down).

Under Seat on Seat Pan:

1- 9 light segment on bottom of seat pointing straight forward (you will find a flat area here where the lights fit nicely).
*optional* 1-TNT Grenade for “light in hole”. This light is placed inside the small hole found on the right side of the bike under the seat. The light is hidden and shines directly forward to illuminate the cavity behind the engine. You have to place this light by dropping it down from the battery and sticking the tape. The light will not fit through the hole if you try to place it from the front. (on 2008 models the “light in the hole” light will be visible. On other models the light sits back far enough to be hidden).

Rear View Ultra Classic

Ground Effects/ SaddleBags / Tour Pack / Handle Bars:

1- 18 light segment (placed on frame on bottom of bike – bend every-other light to 45 degrees to get best effect). On some models you may need to split the 18 light segment in half and add 9 lights to each side of the bike. This has to be done if the 18 segment wont fit on a single side.

*optional* 2- 18 or 24 light segments (placed on bottom of saddlebags with lights shining down) You don’t actually place the lights on the saddlebags, but on the chrome bar where the bottom of the bags rest.
*optional* 1- 18 light segment (placed on chrome bar on bottom of tour pack with lights shinning down).
*optional* 2- MEGA Grenades (placed on handle bars shining down).