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Waterproof Quick-Disconnect Connectors

Available in 1/2" (M12 - 4 conductor),  3/4" (M16 - 4 conductor) and 1" (M19 - 5 conductor).  Each includes 12" of 4 or 5 conductor wire on the ends of the male and female connectors. Use these connectors when installing our lights on frequently serviced locations on your vehicle.  1/2" connector uses 22 awg cable.  3/4" connector uses 18 awg cable. 1" connector uses 20 awg 5 conductor cable.  All are UL2464. Sold as a Male-Female pair.  Each connector end measures about 2" long. IP68 rated.

Forms a secure, watertight seal that's easy to disconnect
Available in 1/2" (M12), 3/4" (M16) and 1" (M19) diameter
Includes 12" of 4 conductor (M12, M16) or 5 conductor (M19) wire on each end
Plugs are 4 pin or 5 pin and can be used with our single color OR multi color lights (RGB, RGBA, RGBW)

Installation Tips

Use these waterproof connectors in high maintenance locations for your specific installation.  Works with our single OR multi color lights strips. Use the larger connector (M16 - 18AWG cable) for large lighting installations on RVs, trucks, cars, etc.  Use the smaller connector (M12) on smaller format vehicles such as motorcycles. For RGBA and RGBW installations use the M19 5 conductor.