Retail Packaging Example

We offer retail packaging for most of the Boogey Lights® product line. Packaging options include DISPLAY BOXES or J-HOOK header cards with the product name, retail price, SKU and UPC bar code affixed. Retail Boxes are perfect for on-shelf display and include tamper proof seal. J-Hook Poly bags are sealed for security. Ideal for behind the counter or free standing table top or full size spinner displays. If you want your next order to be delivered in retail packaging, let us know in advance and we'll update your account.

The following items are available in retail packaging at no additional cost to authorized Boogey Lights® dealers:

  • All RV Lighting Products
  • All Engine Light kits
  • Remote Controls
  • Single Light Strips
  • All Light PODs
  • Wheel Lights
Retail Packaging Example