So you Want to Light Up Your             ?

Light It Up!

Great! You've come to the right place. Since 1989 we've been lighting just about every kind of vehicle you can imagine: cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RVs, semi-trucks, tow trucks, cargo trailers, food trucks, food trailers, golf carts, party buses, snow machines, trains and even airplanes. Simply put, if your vehicle has 12vdc to72vdc power available (or even 110-120vac), chances are we can light it up. In some cases we have created pre-made light kits for the more common lighting applications. However those pre-made light kits aren't vehicle specific nor are they one size fit all. If we don't have a specific light kit for your vehicle, we can easily create one - but we need some information from you. Here's what we need.

  1. Determine the area(s) of your vehicle you want to light up. Under-glow? Grill? Interior? Engine? Roof? Seating area? Other? Be specific.
  2. Determine if you want multi-color RGB or single color lights. Multi-color lights require an LED controller to be mounted between the power source and the LED strips. A single color LED strip doesn't need a controller. Just needs a means by which to turn then on/off and/or dim if that's what you want.
  3. Take measurements of those areas. When doing so, be mindful where you might be able to mount the LED light strips. Our surface mounted LED strips need a smooth, clean, flat, straight area about 2" wide that doesn't span multiple surfaces. The strips are flexible but they need to be mounted on a smooth, straight, flat surface. The minimum length of a LED strip is about 4" (3 LEDs). The maximum length of a single LED strip is about 16' (300 LEDs). There are 100 possible length combinations. Longer distances can be covered with multiple strips. In some cases you might have to build out a suitable mounting surface using aluminum flat bar which is then affixed to the vehicle using screws, rivets, zip ties or 3M dual lock re-closable fasteners.
  4. Determine the location where you're going to obtain power. For RVs, this will usually be the house batteries. In other vehicles these locations vary. In most installations this is where the LED controller will be mounted (assumes you want a multi-color RGB system).
  5. Take a measurement from that power location to the area of the LED strips you want mounted on your vehicle. These measurements will be used to calculate the length of the power lead needed.

Once you have this information, proceed to our LIGHTING REQUEST PAGE, select the vehicle type you're looking to light up and then answer the questions on the form we provide.

Within a day or two we'll get back to you with options, links and pricing. As an option, you can also give us a call at 800.847.1359 and speak with a product specialist who will walk you through this same process. Either works for us.