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Years of Satisfied Customers!

We’ve been gathering unsolicited testimonials from our customers since we launched our first website in 2002. With the introduction of our new site we’re moving to a more modern approach for our customers to share their delight with our products: product reviews.

You can now review each of our products right on the product page. You’ll see the “Reviews” tabs directly below the product photo on each page. Simply enter your review to tell the world how much you enjoy your Boogey Lights.

Here’s the archive of our customer testimonials collected over the past 12 years. A big THANK YOU to all of our awesome customers for making our business so enjoyable. We love serving you with great products and service. We plan to continue to do so for years to come. We also have video testimonials from our customers. We’ve collected these notes over the past several years from some of our thousands of satisfied customers:


OCTOBER 7, 2014 Budd Mixter Wrote

Our experience with accent lighting on my meticulously cared for completely chromed out 2009 Softail Heritage has been an expensive endeavour.

If you understand what it costs to completely chrome out a Harley, you know I don't mind spending money on a product that would make my bike stand out that I personally installed 90% of, but I also know my limits and drew the line at accent lighting, thinking that the proffesionals knew their products and the best way to install them.

The previous product we tried was Monsterbrite and their installers left me highly disapointed with one wire constantly rubbing the front fender and a rats nest of wires under the seat, that even my wife who knows nothing about installation (neat or not) but has an eye for beauty was really disapointed with the lights that we got for $700 and they ended up lasting us only 2 riding seasons before they quit working all together.

So our 2014 trip to Ocean City Bike Week we had a mission---to find a quality producut and an installer who had a passion in what he did, who would take pride in what he did and in a job meticulously done.

Oh yes, I paid more money, but the end result was a job 10 times as great!! The product that we chose was BOOGEY LIGHTS and the OUTSTANDING work performed by Doug and his entire crew.

The previous companys installation took approximately 2 hours and it showed it!! While talking to Doug at LED CYCLES, he told me that he would need my bike for at least 12 hours ("What? 12 hours??") I never leave my bike anywhere 12 hours without me being there - especially after my Anniversary addition Springer was stolen in the past - but as he explained how he performed his work, he won my confidence and trust with his passion to do the job right.

I was so impressed that I also had them install another quality product from them--The Custom Dynamics LED tail light and turn signal kit as well.
Our friends were also impressed with their work and wanted Doug and his team to put lights on their bike as well.

Hats off to a company that makes a superior product, BOOGEY LIGHTS and CUSTOM DYNAMICS - and Doug and his crew - a team of enthusiastic and professional installers. Thank you so much,

On Sun, Sep 22, 2013 Chris Watts wrote:
Thank you! I purchased your lights this past week and wanted to make sure I got them by the weekend so I paid extra shipping your shipping man called me and said he could save me money and still have the lights the next day. I’m impressed most companies would have just kept the money and not said a word thank you for being a honest business by the way the lights are awesome love them easy installation and just great looking thanks again I will definitely be telling everyone about your lights.

From: David Jividen, Wed, May 29, 2013
Subject: 23 T-bucket

A couple of pics of our latest project. After seeing Chris’s motorcycle, I had to have a set of them for my ride. From the folks that have seen them, I’ll bet you get more business. Thanks to all for helping us out. -Chris & Dave Jividen

Boogey Lights Fireworks Multi-Color LED Strips

On Fri, May 24, 2013, Andrew M. Kunz wrote:
I just wanted to send a note thanking you for the great service and product. Tim was very courteous and helpful, and handled my defective TNT Stick issue in a very fast and simple process. I received my replacement item in about a week from my original purchase. That is, I had all items including the re-ship of the replacement in about one week from my original purchase date. That is great service. I do a lot of online purchases, and this was one of the best.

Thank you again.
Regards, Andrew Kunz


On Tuesday, April 30, 2013, G wrote:
I admit I was a little nervous ordering orange for the first time, but I knew your other colors were the best and as usual so are the orange. Keep up the great work! ill be adding more in the near future. Thanks Boogey


On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 8:32 AM, Salmans, Brenda wrote:
Hello Boogey Lights! I just want to say THANK YOU! I bought blue lights for my husband’s birthday present today. It was like a little kid opening a present. When he read the box and saw Boogey Lights it was a kids eyes lighting up at Christmas time. Let’s hope his installation goes well (once the weather here is warmer here in Nebraska). Thanks again for making his birthday.



From: Richmond, Darryl (MPD)
Date: Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 5:35 PM
Subject: Re: Remote Pairing

Thanks again Tim. Everything is in perfect working order and looks great. You guys have the best customer service and truly make the customer feel like a King. Your knowledge about your product is exceptional and will be referring you to my crew. Happy New year, I attached a photo off my rig. Darryl R.


On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 Harold Beaver wrote:
Installed my system today and all went well. All parts accounted for and all lights working after cutting as told for 2008 Heitage Softtail. I will recommend your product to other bike riders. Thank You, Harold


Hey Guys, just stopped by to say “Howdy” to ya’ll and to tell ya that after installing your light’s on my 2007 Street Glide about 3 years ago they are still going Strong, Look Great, and get comments where ever I go. Folks are surprised when I tell them that the install was done by me. And yes, I give ya’ll all the praise and give your name and email address each and every time (might be easier on me if I just get some cards made up to give out !) Just wanted to Thank ya for a Great product and even Better Customer Service! Why the hell anyone would buy from another company still makes me wonder. Again Thanks to ya’ll.

Respectfully Yours:
Russell G. Watson
USN Ret.


Hi Christine, I am very impressed and satisfied with the boogey lights. The installation was easy and down the road I want to add more lights. Thank you and I tell my biker friends about the lights……they are impressed too when they see them displayed at night.
Thanks again,
Michael in Santa Croce – 9/29/2012


Again I’m captured by your Awesome LED’s Last night I received the lights for my front rim and the lights for under my Saddle Bags. I Just got finished with the installation ! All I Can say is WOW ! I thought at first, it might be just a little to much! I was wrong ! dead wrong ! Your lights are out of this world ! I was so Pleased with what I had Just installed ! It is like a silo wet,Not over done and captures all of the curves on my scooter like a VERY sexy lady ! I have to say You guys Knocked these Lights out of the park ! Again I’m back to order the Kicker ! I’m Adding the same lights that I ordered for under the saddle bags to place under the trunk of my baby, your placement diagrams are right on ! and I’m also ordering extra fuses after reading more about your product line ! you have one hell of a selection and I encourage people to look at your product line and then make a decision, then order ! P.s. I am putting a rush on my order ! lol ! I admit ! I Ordered a little at a time because I wasn’t to sure what was to much and what was just enough ! I could have saved a few bucks If I ordered it all at once, but I had the Pleasure of seeing a caterpillar transform into a BUTTERFLY ! thanks again, your friend Dan, Oh if you ever need some one to do a commercial ,I’m your Man ! lol 81 forever
Hells Angel, Cali. 05/12/2012


Wow ! I guess I just can’t get enough of your LED’s I am back to add to my order ! two Pods for the two front calipers ! and I also ordered two 12 inch cut and clicks for under my hard bags last night,( my baby) 1999 ultra classic.- Funny thing my old lady Encouraged me to get the pods for the front ? go figure ! lol Thanks,Again Dan
Hells Angel, Cali. 05/06/2012


I had attended the Laughlin River Run in Nevada April 26 th thru the 28 th 2012. Much like Biketoberfest in Daytona. There, venders are all over the place ! I looked at LED’s there and on line. I found your sight and was pleasantly surprised at your Packages ! not only the brightest but the easiest to install ! Thanks ! I’m online to purchase more ! Dan
Hells Angel, Cali. 05/06/2012


Installed the Sportster engine light kit and they are great. Plan to install a few more lights to highlight all the chrome even more. I also purchased the wheel kit and found out they will not work on the Sportster with the stock wheel. There is not enough clearance between the brake caliper and the wheel. Just a heads up to anyone that plans to use the wheel light kit on a Sportster.
Larry , Pgh. Pa.


Yesterday, installed my 32nd Boogie Lights kit. These lights by far are the best on the market. I’ve had them on all 3 of my Harley’s. Brightes dang lights out there, highly reccomend them!!
Tim Fisher, Pampa, Tx


Wow what a difference my new Boogey Blue Leds lites make added extra lites to show off the chrome goodies on my 2003 Honda VTX 1800C which is all bagged out with a ton of goodies my new Boogey lites were like the cherry on top just pulled everything together ; not only do the look great they add an additional visual safety factor in that they increase visibility which is always a good thing on two wheels thanks for providing a high quality durable product!!! all my buddies are jealous of how cool my bike looks especially at nite when the Blue Leds really pop; will take a nice pic and send u guys when the weather breaks it is currently in the low teens here in new jersey so not doing much riding now but the 2012 season is just around the corner and i’ll be ready thanks again Boogey Lights rule WHAT!!!!
Wendell “BIGDADDY”Hudson, Watchung, New Jersey


Had some light put on at Biketoberfest in Daytona on my CVO Ultra and they look Great. Professional installation all the way, my only complaint is that i didn’t get all the lights done at the same time, now i have to wait for Bike week in March. Blue on Blue is Beautiful and the dash board accents are wonderful at night while driving.
Dwite, CVO, Cocoa Fl




Just got home from Biketoberfest in Daytona Fl. I ride my 06 street gilde everyday. My light was out under the air fliter . The tech’s at boogey light where super busy Saturday night. They were also book for sunday. It was 10:00 pm. They took the time to explain the problem and fix it in minutes at no charge. I “ve had my lights on the bike since 2007 I have 75000 miles on my bike. Awesome customer service.My next bike will have boogey lights See you at Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona
Robert Hines, Middleburg Fl


I just finished installing the Ultimate Fireworks kit on my 2011 Fat Boy.They were very easy to install and they look great.The videos on the site do not do justice to the way they look.
John, Maryland

First of all I want to say sorry it took me so long to get this message back to you.I received my replacement lights,and I have since then installed them.

Also since I have installed them my wife and I took a nice long ride and I would like to say all we got were nothing but compliments.The best one was the one when this young guy came out of Turkey Hill and was smiling from ear to ear and said to us your bike lights are just awesome man just awesome.

I just thought that you might have liked to hear that.Well I would like to say it was a pleasure doing business with you and that I am going to order more lights here in the near future.Thanks again Hugh
Hugh, Landisburg, PA


Hi Christine – First I would like to thank you for responding so quickly, you showed me how customer friendly your company is and how excellent your trouble shooting is. You were right on the money, I found 2 wires that were too tight and were partly disconnected ALL LIGHTS WORKING NOW. Again, thank you very much. I am proud to have BOOGEY LIGHTS on my bike and will tell my friends about your product and your customer friendly company.
Ian Anderson, Ontario, Canada


I just finished installing the Ulitmate Enhanced Firework kit on my Ultra Classic – When I first began the install and laid everything out on the workbench I was a little concerned that I was not going to have enough lights as it only comes with 3-12 light strips. I followed the suggested install locations and fired it up – WOW is all I can say – it lights this bike nicely without being overdone! So far, everyone that has seen it loves it! I’m glad I did this,,,
Scott, Fort Mill, SC


I don’t remember if I sent you a testimonial about my LED package but I wanted to give you an update on the the longevity of your product. I ordered your best LED package back in 2006. It is now 2011 and I JUST now am purchasing a new light switch to replace the original one that came in the package. I kid you not, ALL of the LEDs are still burning just as bright as the day I bought them. I am very happy with your product and everyone that sees them wants to know where I got them. *******A comment to the new consumer that is interested in properly lighting up their bike: BUY THIS PRODUCT! Go big and buy the best package. Its fun to put together and the finished product is AMAZING! I have had mine for 5 years now and it is working great.*******
Adam, Columbus, GA


I installed the light kit I ordered today. The installation went smooth with the instructions provided and the lights are awesome.

Thank you so much for your great service.
Bill Nelms, Dover, TN


I have recieved the order and the install has already been done. I am absolutely thrilled, the video on you tube does not do justice. My bike looks amazing…. Thank you, everyone at boogey lights….. Rob
Rob, Patterson, NY
Well worth the money. Very satisfied. Everyone is hating on my lights,
Lewis, Indiana


Very quick and accurate service/delivery! I received my Sportster engine kit this afternoon and started the install around 3:30pm. By 5:15pm I was done. I probably could have finished faster but I’m OCD about wires and they had to be perfect. Once I hooked the battery back up and turned them on…my first thought was “WOW!!” My second thought was…”This was a GREAT investment!!” I couldn’t belive the quality and how bright these lights are. I bought blue and that blue light bouncing off the chrome looks outstanding! The install was easy and instructions were very clear and easy to understand. If any of my buddies want lights for their bike, I’m pointing them your way! Thank you for the great lights for a great price! I’m going to be a returning customer!
Shawn, Mt. Vernon, MO


Just installed my Ultimate Engine Dress kit w/ remote set-up and all I can say is wow!! Easy install and great results on my 1996 Kawasaki Vulcan 500ENC LTD
Josh, Oviedo, FL


hello i just got a set of the fireworks installed on 2003 road king.AWESOME let me tell you,i cant balieve how bright they are.i will tell everone on know to get these lights,they are that nice..i have a friend with lizard lights on his road king that do not compare to the boogey lights at all..thank you so much for a vary good product.
greg, toledo,ohio


I recently had Boogey lights installed on my 750 Shadow Aero. Once I got home from Daytona I had to get my VTX 1800 done. I purchased the kit online from you guys and installed it myself. The lights turned out great and already I have my buddies jealous that there bikes are not lit up like mine.. Thank you for the awesome light kit. I will definitly purchase again in the future.

Clermont FL
Ryan, Clermont FL


I had the oppourtunity to get Boogey lights installed on my bike this weekend in Daytona. Man what a difference it makes to the bike at night. The staff was very professional and had it done in about an hour. You guys are the best.

Ryan, Clermont FL
Ryan & Crystal, Clermont FL


Boogey Lights are the best on the market, In fact i just had more added today in Daytona at Biketoberfest,Christine
and her Staff are amazing there Friendly and nice, 2 combinations that are hard to find today, and the Install was done like it was there Bike they truely do care, If you need lights give them a try you wont be dissappointed.

Thanks Christine and Staff
Matt , Winter Haven Fl


Just got the Z5 engine kit all installed, WOW what a difference. I felt just a few more would really be what I want so I just ordered additional step lights to complete the job.
You guys are awesome.
Big Al, South Central Pa.


Just had my 2009 Harley Davidson Tri-Glide done, with the ultimate engine kit, and ground effects in purple, by LED Cycles in Rockville Md. Thanks Doug!
Bob Buffington, Harrisburg, Pa.


I just wanted you to know that we had 180 red Boogey lights installed into the engine compartment of our 2003 corvette. They look great and I have heard nothing but good comments from peopke when we display our vehicle at car shows and cruise-ins. We have a second classic 1978 corvette and thinking about putting them in that car also. They were installed by Automotive Essentials in Gaithersburg Maryland/ Great Product, Thanks Albert
Albert Henry, Maryland


Just had the engine kit and ground effects installed by Lite-Cycle at Thunder in the Valley! An excellent product and install! Definitely reccommend these lights over others I’ve seen installed.
Sam Dotts, Blairsville, PA


Very fast shipping. GREAT lights with EASY install.

These LED’s are the brightest I have seen.

Will be sending pictures to you very soon.
Ken Nickel, Bowling Green, KY


Just wanted to let you know that I am about to order an Ultimate Kit. This will be the 11th bike I have lit up with boogie lights. And I still have 2 people in line. These lights are the best LEDs out there and always look great!
Tim Fisher, Pampa, TX


all i can say is wow. cant believe something so little puts out so much light. i put them on the front wheel and two on back wheel with bags too. two sets under the frame. two under seat and three around the breather. and two under tank and one inside horn. omg I just sit out in my garage and just stare at it. except for so many damn wires. was very easy to install and recomend not using the prep crap in the tupes , but just get the stuff in the can. works so much better. thanks.
Vern Nicholson, Lincoln, NE


A friend installed the Ultimate Engine 78 light set – Damn it looks great!
Marc, Vancleave, Ms


Just stopped by to say Howdy to ya\’ll. I installed the lights on my 2007 Streetglide last April. Still work great, still bright, and I still have folks asking me where I got such GREAT lights. Of course, I tell them to check out your website for the best lights, best customer service, and No BS. A company that stands behind their product, even if something goes wrong. What more could a person ask for? Maybe just the winning numbers to the lottery!!! Thanks again for all that you do. Respectfully Yours; Russell G. Watson USN…………….Ret,
Russell G. Watson, Newport News, VA


Its been awhile since I have visited to site. I just wanted you to know, the kit I put on my fatboy 2 yrs ago, is still up and running with zero problems.
Doc Holliday, Cicero, Indiana


Thanks To Lee;@ Backyrdcycles and Boogey Lights my 2008 Heriage Softail looks like something straight From a Bikers Dream ( Really Awesome)!
Dan (Luby) Lauubenstein, West Harrison,Indiana


Ordered the Ultimate Engine kit and installed it without any problems. Fast shipping, great service and not to mention the lights look amazing on my v-rod. My friends now wish they would have waited to get these lights instead.
Ryan, York, PA


I have 2 power wheel chairs. Installed red Super Led on 1 and installed Blue Cut n Click on the other chair. They light up the night. Thanks !!
Lloyd Masters, Biloxi MS


Order the Ultimate Engine Kits and Installed it myself on my 09 Roadking. It took a little longer than the professionals but still was easy to install and looks great!
William Hawkins, Midwest City, OK
I got my GSXR done with you guys for a great price. They look awesome and everyone compliments the lights because they’re so bright
Nick Hower, New Castle, DE


I put 12 of your tnt stick/grenades on an off-road dune buggy. All I have to say is they truely are indestructable! Thanks for the great lights guys!
bob rowley, omaha ne


Put a set of Boogey lights on my 06 Street Glide and loved it the moment I turned them on. Liked them so much went and bought more to make my bike glow orange. Thank You Boogey.
FLoyd CUmmings II, Gettysburg, PA


Had the original Harley LEDs and replaced them with the Boogey lights, What a difference.. they are AWESOME!
Charlie Velarde, Santa Fe NM


My bike is my biggest advertizing for my company. Guardian oil protector. Tim Minor thank,s for lighting her up. Looks Great!
Kurt Fogle, Painesville .oh


you guys are awsome, and my 09′ Fat Boy loves you guys too, lol
Bobby Williams II, Cleveland, OH


These are the best i ever installed on my bike!! They’re brighter and easier to install. simply put the best lights on the market.
John Myers, Salisbury NC


Scott, there is not enough room here for me to express my feelings towards your company. It’s like dealing with a friend that I know will take care of me. Just post my last email and I think that will tell the world what a great company and people you have working with you. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. EVERY company should be run like yours! No B.S., No excuses, just doing the right thing @ all times.
Russell, Newport News Virginia


You’ve gotta get these lights!! Next to my custom paint, Boogie Lights are the best addition to my ride to date! Simple to install and bright as all get out. Worth the money!!!
Tim R. Fisher, Pampa, TX


I bought the ultimate engine kit for my V-Rod and used your very very detailed instructional video for how to wire up a V-Rod. It turned out nice,
Mike, Jacksonville, FL


I bought the engine kit and that was a mistake. I should have bought the Ultimate Kit because it made my bike the talk of my area. I also need to compliment you on the video. At first I was going to get the light installed but after watching the video I did the job myself. Came out great! After I map out what other lights I want i will be back for more.

They really dressed up my bike. .
Leon, Philly, PA


I want to thank you for a great product that was very easy to install, the instructions was very easy to follow, the green light has really made my 2007 H-D Night Train standout, and has made my flat black monster look great. Thanks again for a great product, and word of mouth is the best type of Advertisment, i will let all my Fellow Marines know where to get your product
Dominic Carroll, Cape Carteret, NC


I have been very pleased with my new boogey lights. I watched some of the videos, installed them, and am very happy with the outcome. I have never seen any lights that are easier, more clear and crisp or as bright as these……
thanks again, yours truly, Matthew Howard
Matthew Howard, Keller, TX


I would like to say thank you for producing such an AWESOME product that not only do you stand by the quality but the amount of light it produces is just outstanding! I previously had tube led’s which changed colors and when my buddy (whom is now a boogey lights dealer) pulled up beside me with his boogey lights I had to tell him to back off so I can at least see my lights haha.

I took some pictures of my bike with your product on them. I wasn’t sure if you needed some updated pictures to your site. Have you thought about “spicing” up your webpage to give the customers a shock to the new look? I may be able to help you out if you need it.

2003 Honda CBR 600rr
Shawn Bowman, Lewisberry, PA


From: Brandon Larson Date: Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 10:27 PM
Subject: boogey lights in action
hi my name is Brandon Larson… i purchased these lights awhile back and finally got some photos thought you guys would like these for your website… makes my screamin eagle look amazing… its i couple of your kits with the cut n click led lights…. product is awesome…over 120 leds… in front and rear brake calipers .. thanks


On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 3:42 PM, Jim O wrote:
Hi, just wanted to say that I was a bit hesitant to put the lights on my 08 Road King. Thought it might be a little much. But I bought the light set with white lights and it looks dynamite. Absolutely just what I was looking for. Really shows off the chrome. Thanks. Jim O


On Sun, Feb 22, 2009, Carsten Sommer wrote:

Thanks for the follow up, I love the lights, they were extremely easy to install and look great. I am even thinking of asking you folks if you need a distributor/installer here in the Kodak/Seveirville area. There are a lot of bikes that come through and I think it would do well. Anyway, thanks for everything and you will probably see more orders from me.Carsten

On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 10:43 AM, david f wrote:
hi: i just bought a ultimate engine kit from you.and after that bought the front light kit,you will probably ship monday feb 2nd.your kit is awsome! it was the first kit for me putting in and it was a snap,about an hour.but do have one thing that was tuff! the promoter came in a packet before according to the video.which to me looked easier to use,with a latex glove you could get it under the tank really good.but with the new capsules there doesnt seem to be enough promoter in them,and no matter how you try to get it under the tank with forseps or what ever,when your done your not sure you really got it! i think i got it enough but thought you might want to know about it maybe some of your installers feel the same.OTHER THAN THAT YOUR KITS ARE GREAT, EASY TO INSTALL AND LOOK AWSOME! MAY HAVE TO BECOME AN INSTALLER WE DONT HAVE ONE ON CAPE COD MASSACHUSETTES. THANKS GUYS FOR A GREAT LOOK!


On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 8:51 AM, Bob Cook wrote:
Good Morning! I called yesterday and spoke to a gentleman about the lights I had purchased. I had ordered a total of 90 of the Cut-N-Click lights in green. On one section of 9 lights, the center 3 quit working after being on 3 or 4 times. I was showing them off to some of the guy’s. Let me first say the lights are awesome. I installed them myself, looks professional to me. Imagine that! The man I spoke with was more than helpful on the problem. I will be showing the lights off as soon as it is above 40 degrees. That’s perfect riding to me. It may be awhile though, it is zero this morning. Thanks again for your help and the product.
Bob Cook, Crittenden, KY.


On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 9:18 AM, Curtis wrote:
thank you. received the new remote and everything works great. placed the
other remote in the mail back to you. already sold it to one of my friends
for a Xmas present. should receive a call from a Betsy miller in the next
 couple of days. will be a big promoter of your company. love the look.CB


On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 8:41 AM, Ethan Pipping wrote:
Attached is a photo i would like you to post on your website…this is my 2006 Kawasaki ZZR 600…it has custom paint and Decals as well as a fender eliminator kit…for lighting it has your Ultimate lighting kit and this thing looks HOT! thank you so much for such a great product!
Ethan Pipping, Wisconsin


On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 12:53 AM, scott gawinski wrote:
I love my lights. The cut and click Ultimate engine kit with the Ultimate Remote Control was perfect for my 2008 Suzuki Boulevard. Your Boogey lights blow my friends lights on his bike away. My only problem is i live in Buffalo, NY and is starting to snow so i can show them off yet. I was a little scared to install them myself but found your installation videos most helpful. I was able to install them in about 4 hours. I took alot of time with the placement of the lights. The lighting of my bike was just what i wanted. I did order an additional 12 led lights for my engine just to have more. I was also wondering just how many lights i can click together? I don’t want to hurt the lights or my battery.

From: Jim Harris
Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 12:11 AM
Hey guys, just a quick note to say how pleased I am with my purchase..the Super LED engine and wheel lighting kit was super easy to install,and I could not be happier with the resultsHere’s a pic I shot of my bike with the new lights..not the greatest picture, but the results speak for themselves. thanks for a great product….Jim Harris Longview ,Texas


On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 8:58 AM, Primeau, Steve wrote:
I did the installation myself in under 3 hours. Blue LED’s on a blue Victory Kingpin Tour. It came out perfect and is stunningly beautiful! People just stop and look. Young girls in cars turn their heads and point. I guess I have to live with that! Steve Primeau


On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 3:30 PM, Deb wrote:
Thanks so much for everything. This follow-up is very nice. I must tell you, I absolutely LOVE the lights on my bike. I have a 2008 Heritage Softail Classic, Red that I put the blue boogey lights on the engine, ground and both saddle bags. It LOOKS AWSOME! Thanks so much for your quick customer service and getting them to me before my brother left. He was only at my home on vacation for a week and that’s when I needed to get the lights mounted. He too ordered more lights for his and his wife’s bikes. Thanks again. deb


On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 5:36 PM, Dan Houston wrote:
I just wanted to start off by expressing my gratitude for your shipping department to correct my poorly put together order. I was just off a 16 hour shift and completely messed up the order by giving the wrong credit card number and providing the state as Maine instead of Massachusetts. A quick call to your shipping department straightened it out and my order was on the way. I originally had ordered a blue Harley pod light kit from my local HD dealer but they kept back ordering the kit on me. After getting tired of waiting I did some research on the web and found Boogey Lights. I was impressed with your web site and your products. Your Ultimate Led engine kit and instructional videos blew me away. It was about $60 more then the Harley kit but you get what you pay for with Boogey Lights. (more lights and better system that maximizes the lights capabilities). After my kit arrived I swear the UPS truck wasn’t even out of my drive way and I had the box open and was ready too get started. I watched the Video on line about 4 times and was ready to go. The only problem I had was when I was installing the 6 light set in the horn bell housing. Whiling trying to form the strip to the shape of the housing I broke one the resisters causing only three lights to light up. So I had to sacrifice the 6 light set that was meant to go under the seat frame over the starter. My friends have the HARLEY POD KITS and they only come with 4 pods for about $139. For $199.00 and the free remote the Boogey lights are way far superior then the Harley kit.

When I finished the install and I turned the lights on I was blown away by the brightness and the look the blue lights gave my blue and gray 2005 Road King . (even missing the 6 light strip over the starter). I can only imagine that the effect would be even greater. My friends feel like they where taken by the Harley Kits..I’m willing to bet you will be hearing from them soon. Oh by the way it was still light out when I first tried the lights out can’t wait to cruise the strip in the dark. Thanks Again
Daniel Houston, Tyngsborough, Ma 01879


On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 10:41 PM, Mark wrote:
Thank you for the email. In searching through the various companies offering LED lights, I chose your site because of your online videos…I watched them first, then decided that anyone who would provide that level of support would be the one I select. The installation videos made the job an easy one. The lights are in and they look great! The only trouble I had was with the locking connectors. Even when I stripped the wiring back to one inch they did not want to catch when clipping the connector shut. They wouldn’t work at all so I had to go without them. I would have preferred using the locking connectors because it is a better system. Perhaps I’ll try a similar connector that is a little bigger…or perhaps I will try your connectors again. I would like to add on to my lighting sometime soon. I would like to light up my wheels to add to the safety factor of being seen. Thanks again for a great product. Have a great day. Mark–


On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 7:12 AM, mheidenthal wrote:
Good Morning,
I have a 2000 Ultra Classic and I installed the blue Cut N Click lights on
it. It really looks sharp in the dark glowing off the crome and off the road underneath the bike. In fact alot of the couples that I ride with installed the lights on there bikes. My son also installed the red lights on his bike and when we installed them I couldn’t believe how easy it was, the hardest part was hiding the wires, I am alittle pickie when it comes to my ride. I did have two of the strips that went bad but to my amazement, you guys replaced them free of charge. We go to a bike show called Thunder in the Valley, it is in Johnstown Pa, and I leave the lights on at night and had alot of comments on how nice and bright they look. But the best feature of it all is this, there have been alot of people in cars tell me how far away they could see me coming with them on. Great product.


From: Chuck Lambert
Date: Tue, May 27, 2008 at 6:09 PM
Subject: RE: Love my Boogey Lights!!!

I got a brand new HD fxcwc Rocker, Vivid Black and with the purple Boogey Lights it looks GREAT. I ordered a second set for my friends ‘Mean Streak’. It’s red so he got red lights , turned out great. I’ve only had them a few days now and everyone says how awesome they look. I will definitely tell everyone where to get theirs. I used part of my set to light up the rear wheel, now all I need is to do the front wheel to make it complete. I’ll get that soon.
Thanks again !!



On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 9:36 PM, Chris Collis wrote:
Just wanted to thank you guys! I installed a tnt engine kit this evening on my 2007 Harley Street Bob and it looks amazing! It was very easy to install, looks amazing and everything was just great. You guys have a great product and when I get my next bike which should be in in about 2 weeks I am adding Boogey lights to that also! Again THANK YOU.
Chris Collis


On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 1:20 PM, Rogers, G K wrote:
I received my additional lighting on the scheduled delivery date as expected. The installation was made with no problems at all. The guys around the shop who ride, asked where I had this package installed, and what did it set me back. When I showed them the invoice from “Boogey Lights” and said I did it myself, they were pretty amazed. Then my brother pulled up on his Road King, with his “Boogey Lights” on, and said that I had installed his also. You will probably be hearing from them soon. Thanks for your support, and following up with your clientele. You know the old saying, “Word of mouth is the best advertising you can get. Thanks for everything
Have a great day!
G. Rogers Conroe, Texas


From: f.shipman
Date: Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 5:11 PM
Subject: Thanks
Spoke to a very nice young lady named Chandra on Wednesday. Asked some questions and thought about the product for a short while. Called her back and placed the order for the Ultimate kit. She was super kind and helpful in helpping determine the quickest and most econmical shipping. All of that on Wednesday. On Thursday, the package arrived forcing me to play hookie from work on Friday. That’s today, and the attached picture is the end result. I’m the only one who has seen it in a darked out garage but absolutely cannot wait to show it off. I’ve seen you guys at many rallys and kind of put the idea of the lights in the back of my mind. I’m glad I took the plunge. All in all a very pleasant experience. Thanks.
I’ll stop by in Myrtle to show it off and say hello. By the way, the shirt you wear in the instructional videos, are they for sale?
Thanks again and please extend my thanks to Chandra.
Frank Shipman


On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 2:50 PM, Joe Mascari wrote:

Once again I have to say you guys are by far the best company to work with. This is my 4th set of boogey lights and they are awesome. Every bike I buy the first upgrade I must do is light it up and your kits make it so easy and affordable. Where ever I go people always come up to me and rave about the way it looks. I can absolutely say thank-you for all your help and direction on buying and installing the kits. Keep up the good work!!

Joe mascari


From: Rhodes, Mike W [EQ]
Date: Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 11:02 AM
Subject: RE: FW:

Scott, thanks for talking to me this morning and for the reply. It was very helpful.
I gave your name and number to the mechanic at the Harley shop. He is thinking maybe one of his former mechanics may have done this wiring and splicing. He was a little upset.
Again, love your lights and I really appreciate the follow up customer service.

From: Rogers, G K
Date: Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 12:46 PM
Subject: Boogey Lights Purchase # 2

Thanks for your correspondence regarding my first purchase from Boogey Lights. My second purchase was placed today. All I have heard for the last few days is ” when are you going to light up yours”,etc.. etc… I have wanted to add engine lighting for a while, but the sources I found were more expensive than I expected (up to $500 for a standard light kit). The “do it yourself” videos and the easy to follow instructions your company provides to your customers, makes installation easy. I had no problems at all installing the TNT engine kit on my brother’s H.D., and it looks SHARP! There are family members and friends I ride with, that I will forward your web site to, so they can see how easy, and economical your product line is. One again, thank you for your outstanding customer service and support. “Keep up the good work”
Thanks Christine,
Gary Rogers Conroe, Texas


On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 6:46 AM, Jack Scalia wrote: Hi Christine, thanks for the follow-up, I did receive my kit and installed it this past Friday. The kit was easy to install and came out great. The satisfaction was as good as the anticipation! I’m going to take pics this coming week before and after and e-mail them to you so maybe you can post them on your site. I also want to buy some t-shirts, when will you have them again? Best Regards, Jack Scalia


On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 12:58 PM, Faulkner, Larry wrote:
While attending the National Bikes roundup in Lee Summit Kansas last year (2007) I had Boogey Lights install a full Red Ultimate Light Package Kit on my new 2007 Harley Davidson (Pearl Black)Ultra Classic,
Wow! What a fantastic new look my bike takes on when I use my remote controls to show off my lighting features. All my friends and family who ride just love them not to mention yours truly! Thanks Boogey lights for doing an outstanding professional job!
Larry A. Faulkner


On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 3:27 PM, Matt Schmitt wrote:
thanks for the quick ship! These light up great! I have your info flyers out on my bar!
Matt Schmitt BWSR TIKI BAR
 8051 S. Tamiami Tr.
Fort Myers, FL 33908

On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 2:03 PM, michael criswell wrote:
Hi! Christine Put the lights on my suzuki the other night. What a site they are…………I show them off to everyone that stops by. I didn’t really have any trouble, but it took a little longer to install, making sure nothing is going to get hot or rubbed againest the engine. Not much room under the tank but they are on and great to look at. The KIT was every thing I needed and then some. They really look good with my blue ghost flames on tank. We will get you some pictures soon, when ever weather up here gets a little nicer. Tell your Husband thanks also…GREAT Products and outstanding looks…… I rule the night with your Lights.( Did not have heart attack installing..Ha. ha.)
Mike Criswell In Pa.


On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 11:14 AM, Callan M. Blank wrote:
To Friends and Family at Boogey Lights:
I had those “other” LED lights on my bike. I thought it looked nice. When I saw my friends bike with the Cut N’ Click LED’s I ripped my lights off and ordered an Ultimate Engine Kit. After I received the lights, I followed the instructions, which were very simple to understand. I must say the lights looked AWESOME. I was so impressed at how bright they were, (even in the daytime) I had to get more. It’s like an addiction. I now have 156 lights on it and soon one on the caliper. Having that glow under me when I ride brings so much attention. Even people with lights on their bikes are looking. I want to buy more but I’m finding a hard time finding a place for them. Maybe I’ll have to get a sidecar. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tons of Love!!!
Callan M. Blank


On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 3:01 PM, jason kerr wrote:

To Team Boogey
Thank you for your time courtesy and professionalism , the lights set off my
Firefighter Road King Special Edition bike !!!
Your friend and customer for life, Jason Kerr


On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 11:13 AM, partyharley wrote:
My name is Mike AKA Partyharley. I have a 2005 RoadKing Custom. Loaded with Emerald Green LED strip Boogey Lights. Plus some Neon tubes. Also 16 seperate White strobes. Here comes the fun part AM/FM/CD/MP3- 9 Speakers – 600 Watt Amp All remote control.The best part you can’t see anything all of this is hidden within the bike.I’ll say this much my exhaust is not stock. The audio system is louder. My local police department was kind enough to give me a ticket for 200.00 for loud music. Your product is of high quality and instillation friendly. Sincerely PartyHarley

On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 7:32 PM, Mel & Sandra Bowley wrote:
Thanks for the fast service and accurate order filling. I received my lights very promptly and was happy to see you had shipped it as a commercial sample and duty or GST Did not apply excellent on your end. To date have been a little busy with work to install yet. I also appreciate the discount you gave me for my next order.
Have a great day. Mel B.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 1:29 AM, Eric Morton wrote:
Boogey Staff,

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your openness regarding your products and the video demonstrations on how to install them. I really enjoyed the way they the videos were produced and the friendly manner in which the instruction was given. I will be purchasing your Ultimate LED Lighting Kit once I decide if I will install the lights or if I will have a local dealer. I also will be on the lookout for fakes on Ebay. Thank you for your candor and for being so thorough. Once my bike is completed I will send you pictures. I have a 2004 Honda VTX 1300 C that is more of a custom bike than a stock Honda.

Warmest Regards,

Eric Morton Rogers, AR


2/12/08 – We received this nice card and note of thanks from the Cumberland County Foster and Adoptive Parents Association after donating an engine kit for their raffle drawing. We support a few different local events, including the Cops & Bikers ride for the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department.

On Jan 25, 2008 10:33 PM, tony wrote:
christine, the kids seen a harley with lights on it and said hey dad you need to get those so i went on line to find the best lights i could, i purchased your product watched your instructional video and and within an hour i had installed your product on my 07 warrior the kids loved it, my wife said what the f… she really liked the look but never thought it was something i would of installed, and to be honest i wouldnt of if it wasnt a quality product. have been very happy with your product and love the way it adds a just enough purple light to reflect off of the little chrome i have on the midnight warrior thanks again, tony


On Dec 28, 2007 12:31 AM, Adrian wrote:
Love these LEDs. They look great in my Camaro. At first, I went with the bulky LED tubes. They weren’t bad, but they were bulky and sometimes impractical. THEN I came across Boogey Lights’ FlexStrips. What..a..difference! Mounting them was a snap with the 3M strips. Their flexible design allowed me to install them exactly how I wanted. And the customer service to my questions was extremely pleasant.

You’ve got something good going here. Hope more people looking into LED applications give you a try. They won’t be sorry they did.



On 11/5/07, John Carilli wrote:
Thank you so and your company have been great. When I first contacted you about a pod not lighting I figured you would ignore me. However you have always responded and been of great help. I always point my friends and acquaintances to your web site whenever they ask me about mine.


On 11/3/07, Thad Payne wrote:
Hi Christine,
I got the lights and installed them myself!!!! I’m really happy with them…I have an 02 Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic…installation wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be watching the videos wherein they are installed on Harley’s…however, I was able to get them all on there, hidden, and looking really cool…some feedback::::…more instructional videos…Maybe a list or a diagram of possible locations for lights.. I was confused about the remote…I wasn’t sure if I still needed the on/off switch…also, I didn’t know how to wire the remote in…(after checking the website…I figured it out). Also, I purchased two five LED step lights for my front and rear tire…I ended up purchasing double sided tape and heat shrink to make it work…also, the wire wasn’t long enough so I just pieced out some of the left over wires from my ultimate engine kit…after that…everything worked fine…and it looks really great…what a great idea…
This entire experience has been really cool for me…I learned a lot about myself and how I can work on my bike and learn how things work. I know once I start driving it around…people will be asking me where I got those lights…I will tell them…!!!


On 10/31/07, Dave Anderson wrote:
Hey Guys, The lights are working great, I really want to thank you for all the work you have done for me the lights are working great and you guys treated me great. hopefully i wont have anymore problems any more
u guys are the best thanks Dave Anderson