There's no such thing as "DOT Approved"

What's Up with 'DOT APPROVED' Product Statements?

There is significant confusion and misunderstanding regarding lighting regulations for the transportation industry in the United States. Truth is, the terms "DOT approved" or "SAE approved" don't mean anything unless you're talking about headlights. That's because headlights are the only lights required by law to have a "DOT" marking. Even then, the 'DOT' marking only means the manufacturer of the headlight certifies the product was made in compliance with DOT standards; not that the US Department of Transportation has approved it.

The Organizations

SAE: The Society of Automotive Engineers is a US based professional association and standards organization for engineering professionals. The organization's primary focus is on transport industries including automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicles. SAE International coordinates the development of technical standards. These standards are based on best practices as identified and described by SAE committees and task forces who are experts in their fields. SAE is not however a regulatory body. It has no means or authority to approve anything. It's a private organization. SAE issues technical standards representing "best practices" in whatever the standard is about (fog lamps, turn signals, headlamps, etc).

DOT: The United States Department of Transportation is responsible for the issuance of safety standards including the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 (aka FMVSS-108), which applies to transportation industry lighting.  One common mistake is using the term "DOT Approved." The United States Department of Transportation is not an approval agency. It does not approve products. In the US and Canada, lighting products are certified by the lighting manufacturer as compliant with DOT standards including FMVSS-108.

At Boogey Lights®, you'll see the 'DOT COMPLIANT' label being used for those products manufactured in compliance with DOT standards including FMVSS-108. If you have a question about DOT Compliance, contact us! We'll be happy to assist.