TNT Stick and Grenade Cases

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UPC Oval Black: 812928021247
UPC Oval Chrome: 812928021254
UPC Horizontal Black: 812928021209
UPC Horizontal Chrome: 812928021230
UPC Vertical Black: 812928021216
UPC Vertical Chrome: 812928021223

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TNT Stick and Grenade Cases

Optional stainless steel case to cover a TNT Stick or Grenade. There is no directional mounting for our Grenade lights. Oval lights for the Grenades are also available in chrome or powder coated black finish. Mount using our 3M Tape and Promoter or if your installation allows use stainless steel screws.

Note: TNT Sticks can be mounted horizontal or vertical. Horizontal is the most common installation type. Choice of chrome or powder coated black finish.

Proudly Made In The USA

Made In The USA