Using Boogey Lights® in Campgrounds

From time to time we'll receive comments from people who complain that adding Boogey Lights® to RVs are a nuissance in campgrounds. They argue they go camping to get away from the lights, TVs and other distractions of everyday life. We completely understand and respect this point-of-view.

Our response is pretty simple:

While Boogey Lights are indeed super-bright on full power, they can be dimmed and of course can be turned off. They not only look good, Boogey Lights® are functional. The under-glow lights for example can be extremely helpful when setting up camp in the dark. Illuminating the under-side of your rig at night allows you to see sewer and water hookups as well as monitor the leveling process. The awning light too is functional as every RV needs a light of some kind on the outside. That said, whether it's loud music, barking dogs, unruly kids, bright outdoor TVs (many RVs nowadays have them built in), a campfire that's throwing off hot embers into the wind, loud late night drinking parties, people who walk through your campsite without permission or artificial lights of any kind, if you're camping in tight quarters a little respect for your neighbors goes a long way. We always encourage folks to be mindful of their surroundings and respectful of others. Just like all inanimate objects it's not the object itself but the person using it that matters. Perhaps we're old-fashioned but personal responsibility is never out of style in our view.