We receive more questions about wiring than anything else. To assist customers in understanding how Boogey Lights® are wired we've put together the WIRING GUIDE video below. This video was shot using a 12 volt DC power supply on our test bench to make it easy to see without the extra wiring normally present on a motorcycle, ATV or other motorsports vehicle.

These are simple 12vdc systems so whether you're wiring a multi-color system or a single color system the concepts are the same. There's nothing high-tech or complicated about the wiring process. Take a moment to view this video and you're quickly see how simple the wiring is. When you're done viewing the video, download the appropriate wiring diagram from the links we've provided for reference. Note too that even though this video is directed toward a motorcycle installation, the type of vehicle is irrelevant in terms of the wiring concept.

NOTE: On October 27, 2014 we released updated versions of our remote control devices. In addition to adding reverse polarity protection and circuit protection on the LED output side of the controller, these controllers have slightly different wire colors and configurations than previous versions. Also, the wires that connect to the LED strip are now combined in a loom. We have updated our wiring instructions which can be downloaded from this page.