Will Boogey Lights® controllers and LED strips work with other manufacturer's controllers and LED strips?

The short answer is probably not. More importantly, we do not provide technical support on installations that use other manufacturer's components with Boogey Lights® products. All Boogey Lights® RGB  (and RGBx, RGBxx) LED strips are COMMON CATHODE strips with the controller technology being POSITIVELY SWITCHED. This means that Boogey Lights® LED strips share a common ground. The controller switches on/off the positive (hot) side of the circuit similar to how every motorized vehicle in the United States is wired. Just like your car, Boogey Lights® LED strips are only energized with power when they are in use. Without getting into the electrical weeds the advantage of this design is that it is more robust, more efficient, will last longer and provides a brighter glow. It also means there is less chance of the LED strip or controller shorting out, making it safer. Of course it costs more to build a controller that switches all three (or five in the case of RGBWW) of the positive channels of the circuit instead of the single negative channel. That's why most competitors use negatively switched controllers with common anode LED strips.

So if you're looking to pair Boogey Lights® LEDs with another manufacturer's controller (or vise versa), be sure you check with that manufacturer's specifications. It most situations it's unlikely they'll work with Boogey Lights®. Even if they do, be aware you're on your own in terms of technical support.  Important to note too that attempting to use them with the wrong technology voids the warranty. Simply put, Boogey Lights® LEDs and Controllers are specifically built and designed to work with Boogey Lights® products.