WireTrak Raceway

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WireTrak™ Raceway 

** While we occasionally still use WireTrak for our own installations, we no longer carry WireTrak for resale.  You can however purchase it online from other retailers. **

The WireTrak™ raceway is very handy for situations where you need to hide and protect cabling. It makes for a nice, clean finished look plus it's easy to install! We use WireTrak™ for our RV/Trailer/Camper Awning installations where the power leads running to our LED light strip are exposed. It can also be used underneath the RV/Trailer to hold power leads in place if so desired. Simply cut the amount of WireTrak™ you need to length, clean the surface and stick the WireTrak™ on. The WireTrak™ raceway has the same style 3M adhesive tape we use for Boogey Lights™ on the back making it super-easy to install. Just have to make sure you prep your surface properly with 3M promoter. The WireTrak™ raceway has an integrated lid that can be closed and opened continually without failure of the hinge section making maintenance a breeze.

Simply enter the number of feet you want in the quantity box and click Add to Cart. 

Dimensions are 3/4" wide x 1/2" high. WireTrak™ is shipped flat, in a roll making it easy to transport.

Note: WireTrak™ raceway may also be painted. It is made from UL 94 VO. Meets requirements for low voltage applications only.

Wire Trak