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5-LED Steplights

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Warranty: Original Owner Lifetime Warranty
AMPS: Each steplight draws only .05 amps of power
Steplight Dimensions: 2-5/8″L x 3/8″W x 5/8″H
UPC Amber Black: 812928021063
UPC Amber Chrome: 812928021070
UPC Blue Black: 812928021094
UPC Blue Chrome: 812928021087
UPC Green Black: 812928021100
UPC Green Chrome: 812928021117
UPC Orange Black: 812928021131
UPC Orange Chrome: 812928021124
UPC Pink Black: 812928021322
UPC Pink Chrome: 812928021315
UPC Red Black: 812928021148
UPC Red Chrome: 812928021155
UPC UV/Purple Black: 812928021179
UPC UV/Purple Chrome: 812928021162
UPC White Black: 812928021186
UPC White Chrome: 812928021193
Price as Configured
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5-LED Steplights

Our 5-LED Steplights provide a bright, wide angle lighting effect at a low price. Perfect for lighting the chrome on your wheels

Dimensions: L=2 5/8″ x W=3/8″ x H=5/8″

One (1) - 5-LED steplight pod with 3mm LED's set at various angles and 36" wire lead
Lifetime LED Warranty

Installation Suggestions

Purchase one or two of these 5-LED steplights along with our Front Wheel Wiring Kit to light the front wheel. Depending on the size of your brake caliper, you can fit up to 2 of these fixtures on each. Position in a V configuration to fit 2 fixtures on a single caliper, pointing approximately 45 degrees up and 45 degrees down.

A note about Purple LEDs: All purple LED’s on the market today are actually ultra-violet (U/V) and produce a very soft purple glow on your engine. U/V LED’s produce a very beautiful purple effect, but it’s not a real bright effect like you’ll get with red, blue, green, orange, etc. If you want a subtle purple glow that looks great, then the U/V LED’s may well be for you. If you want the brightest ride on the block, you won’t be happy with purple.