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The perfect solution for mounting LED light strips to surfaces that aren't flat; typically for Under-Glow Light Kits.  It measures 1.5" wide by 1/8" thick.  Available in one foot increments up to 12' maximum length.   Simply mount the LED strip to the aluminum flat bar and then fasten the aluminum flat bar to the bottom of the vehicle.  We prefer to screw the aluminum to the vehicle using 3/4" x #8 hex head self-taping screws.  Makes for a clean and easy installation.  In the event the LED strips needs to be moved or replaced, it can be easily done by removing the screws holding the aluminum bar in place.  

SHIPPING NOTE:  8' is the maximum we can ship via UPS (sorry -- we cannot ship USPS even if offered at checkout).  If you want a length longer than 8', we can ship via common carrier OR if you're in the Florence, KY area, you can stop by and pick up.    Orders for lengths longer than 8' will have additional shipping charges if common carrier.