Chrome Metal Braided Sleeving

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Chrome Metal Braided Sleeving

Use this chrome metal braided sleeving to make for a clean looking installation of our LED wheel lights. As must have for those running braided brake lines on their front wheel and installing wheel lights. This 3/16" sleeving fits nicely over the cables that run to our wheel lights installed on brake calipers. Also can be used in situations where you want to encase an electrical wire inside the sleeving to protect the cable. Will accommodate up to 15AWG cable.

Whats Included:
Desired length of chrome braided material. Sold by the foot

Install Tip: To use the steel braid, first open the end with a small Phillips screwdriver. Once you get a couple inches opened up graduate to a #2 Phillips screwdriver with the longest shaft you can find. Should be about 1/4" diameter shaft. Push all the steel braid over the shaft. You now have the braid opened up wide enough to fish your wheel light wire through. Pull the braid tight when all the wire is through and you should be all set.