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Cut N’ Click™ Flexible 39 LED Strip

Price as Configured
UPC: 812928024514
Current Stock:
UPC: 812928024514
size: 24.00 W × 0.02 H × 0.02 L
Warranty: Original Owner Three Year Warranty against manufacturer defects. Does Not cover corrosion of the connector sockets.
AMPS: Full strip draws a maximum of just .42 amps at full power (white)
Light Strip Dimensions: 23"L x 3/8"W x 1/4"H
UPC Amber: 812928020332
UPC Blue: 812928020349
UPC Green: 812928020356
UPC Orange: 812928020363
UPC Pink: 812928020370
UPC Red: 812928020387
UPC UV/Purple: 812928020394
UPC White: 812928020400
Price as Configured
Prices for product only. Installation not included.
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Cut N’ Click™ Flexible 39 LED Strip

The ultimate in motorcycle LED engine and ground effect lighting! Each strip has 39 LEDs which can be connected to additional Cut-N-Click LED strips using connector wires (see ADD ONs and INSTALLATION Tab). 

MAY 8, 2024: We are temporarily out of stock on the GREEN, RED, BLUE and WHITE. We expect them to be back in stock by or before June 12, 2024. If you place your order now, we will ship the order once we have stock available.

Don't forget about connector wires. Our Cut-N-Click LED strips require special connector wires.

One (1) - Cut N' Click flexible strip with 39 LEDs in your choice of color
Original Owner Three Year Warranty - Does NOT cover corrosion of the power connections

A note about Purple LEDs: All purple LED’s on the market today are actually ultra-violet (U/V) and produce a very soft purple glow on your engine. U/V LED’s produce a very beautiful purple effect, but it’s not a real bright effect like you’ll get with red, blue, green, orange, etc. If you want a subtle purple glow that looks great, then the U/V LED’s may well be for you. If you want the brightest ride on the block, you won’t be happy with purple.

Sorry.  Our Cut N Click Light Series products are excluded from discount offers.


Typical Installation

The modular design of our Cut N’ Click flexible LED motorcycle strips eliminates the wire clutter you get from strips or pods that each have their own long wire lead to run back under the seat. You can use these just about anywhere on your bike. The beauty of this series is the ease of installation and your bikes future service needs. Each strip can be configured into groups of 3-LED's making it versatile for any location on the bike. If your bike needs future service simply disconnect the wire going to the strip and the part can be removed. NOTE: If you ride in an area where you will encounter salted roadways or in coastal areas with heavy salt in the enviornment you might want to consider our Value Series lights strips. Those strips are sealed and will withstand moisture intrusion/corrosion much better.

To complete the install you will need connector wires, a push button switch and/or remote, inline fuse and 3M Promoter. We offer a complete wiring kit - we call it the Cut N' Click Ultimate Wiring Kit.

Regardless of competitors’ claims to offer more for less, our Cut N’ Click™ flexible 5mm LED strips outclass all varieties of surface mount, 3mm, and 5mm flexible LED strips on the market. Unlike others who offer the cheapest products available from China, we pay more to source the best LEDs the market has to offer. If a product’s price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

As an educated consumer it’s also important to understand that while the physical appearance of others’ products may be similar, or even identical to ours, they are typically using much cheaper LEDs that are less intense and produce a “dirty” lighting effect rather than a smooth, even glow. Don’t be fooled by others’ “brightness guarantee” or some other gimmick to get your order. Smart shoppers know you’ll never go wrong with Boogey Lights. Our products, our lifetime warranty and our customer support have all stood the test of time.

Strips are available in Amber, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, UV/Purple and White.


Quick Specs

  • Each strip has 39, single color 5050 LEDs and 13 - power connections
  • Physical Dimensions: 23"L x 3/8"w x 1/4"H
  • Draws just 420 milliamps (.42 amps) for the entire strip
  • Attaches with 3M double-sided VHB tape already applied to back
  • Maintenance friendly, easy connection jumper wires power up each strip
  • For LUX brightness data on this product visit the Boogey Lights® LUX DATA page.