In this section you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive for our SEMI-TRUCK LED Lighting products. Some customers find it helpful to review the installation instructions of our products before making their purchase decision. For that reason ALL of our product installation manuals are online in PDF format. They can be downloaded by visiting our INSTALLATION RESOURCES page. We also offer some HOW-TO-VIDEOS.  If you're looking for answers to common problems, check out our TROUBLE SHOOTING guide. Ultimately though if you don't find your answer here, give us a call or send us an email and we'll do our best to answer your question. If you have a specific lighting request, use our LIGHTING REQUEST FORM to submit your request. If you're unsure as to whether or not you want to do the installation yourself, Boogey Lights offers INSTALLATION SERVICES at our Florence, KY location. So too do many of our DEALERS.


Will adding BOOGEY LIGHTS® to my truck void the manufacturer's warranty?

When installed properly and according to our instructions, adding Boogey Lights® will not void any manufacturer warranty we are aware of. We've installed these light kits on all makes and models of brand new (or nearly new) commercial semi-trucks and tow trucks (RVs, cars, pickup trucks, boats and motorcycles too). The reason we're so confident in this claim is because we never connect Boogey Lights® to any of the truck's existing electrical systems. All electrical connections go directly to the truck's battery and has it's own fusing and power protection system. By wiring them this way, the Boogey Lights® LED lighting system is isolated. It's independent, making it impossible for the lighting system to interact with any of the truck's other electrical or on-board computer systems. If there is a problem with the Boogey Lights® system, the built-in fusing and/or power management systems will only shut down the Boogey Lights® system; nothing else. In situations where we are installing a tail-turn-brake light system, the interaction between the truck's tail/turn/brake light system is done only through a fused heavy duty relay. We never connect Boogey Lights® tail/turn/brake lights directly to the truck's LCM.


Will the double-sided 3M® tape really hold the lights to my truck permanently?

ABSOLUTELY! This assumes you follow our installation instructions. With each LED light kit we include a catalyst made by 3M® that is an ADHESION PRIMER. It's often referred to as '3M Promoter' or '3M Primer'. When the surface is prepared properly with 3M® adhesion primer, your light strips will stay stuck - at least until such time you want to remove them. We've never had an LED strip fall off when the surface was prepared according to our instructions. And in case you're wondering, our experience over the past 20 years is that removing the strip will not damage the painted surface or decals.


Can I easily remove my Boogey Lights® and transfer them to another truck?

The short answer is NO. Boogey Lights® are designed to be permanently mounted to your truck. While it's possible to remove the LED strips with some effort, the process of doing so will in most cases ruin the LED strips making them unusable (voids the warranty too). You can remove the LED CONTROLLER (and related battery connections) if you'd like for use elsewhere but removing the LED strips and related wiring isn't realistic in terms of reusing them on another truck. Installing Boogey Lights® on any vehicle should be viewed as a permanent installation only.


I've purchased other LED light strips from Amazon and EBay. Candidly, they're not very good and didn't last long on my truck. What makes Boogey Lights® different?

We're glad you asked! First, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. This is especially true in the LED lighting world. We make no apologies that Boogey Lights® are the most expensive LED lighting system you can buy. There's a reason for that. Second, everything about Boogey Lights® is different than any other LED lighting product you have used. There is no comparison. Not only are the LED lights built differently, so too is the LED Controller technology. For an in-depth, deep dive into these differences, check out this page: WHAT MAKES BOOGEY LIGHTS® DIFFERNT. But don't take our word for it, read through some of our first person customer reviews: BOOGEY LIGHTS® REVIEWS. These reviews will give you insight into what others are saying about our products.


I've looked through your Semi-Truck product pages but don't see a light kit for my specific truck. Do you offer custom kits?

YES! Boogey Lights® LED lighting systems are not vehicle specific. They can be adapted to any vehicle that has 12vdc power available. If we don't have a pre-configured light kit for your truck, provide us with some information about what you want to light up and we'll get back to you via email. In some cases one of our universal or generic LED light kits might be a starting point. For example, for customers who have older trucks and want under-glow, we'll often start with this universal Heavy Duty Truck LED Light kit. That kit can be easily expanded using either our HEAVY DUTY LED Light strips or our LOW PROFILE LED Light strips. If you're unsure of what you need, complete this LIGHTING REQUEST FORM. We'll get back to you with some suggestions. Or, give us a call at 800.847.1359 M-F, 9-5 eastern. We'll be happy to discuss options for your truck.


Where can I get a Boogey Lights® LED light system install on my truck?

You can check out our dealer locator here: https://www.boogeylights.com/dealer-locator/ . That said, there's nothing special about the installation process. Any 12vdc accessory shop for example or independent shop can install them. These aren't complicated systems requiring special training or special tools. Anyone who understands 12vdc power, has some basic tools (along with the knowledge to use them) and can read detailed instructions and view how to videos online can do it. It's pretty simple stuff. Of course some installations are more complicated than others. For example, installing an under-glow LED lighting system on a semi-truck is more easily done if the shop has a lift or pit that allows the technicians to easily get under the truck to mount the LED strips and run the cabling.

If you're driving in or through the Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati metro area, we offer factory installation services. More detail about our installation services here: https://www.boogeylights.com/boogey-lights-installation-services/. For most installations you'll need to book an appointment but even if you're driving through the area and want to stop by to have us take a look at your truck, feel free to do so. Our facility is easily accessible from I75/I71 and has plenty of space for tractor/trailers. Our address is 9000 Empire Connector Drive Suite B, Florence KY 41042. We're about one mile off the I75/I71 Florence KY exit.


How long does it take to install Boogey Lights® on my truck?

Depends on which light kits you want installed, the type of lights being installed (e.g. single color, dual color or multi-color) and the type of truck. A simple breather LED light kit for a Peterbilt 389 will take 2-3 hours. Installing all available RGBA LED light kits on a 2022 Freightler Cascadia will take 10 to 14 hours. When you book your appointment with us we'll advise on how long it should take and quote a not to exceed price.


Are these ligting systems able to operate in all kinds of weather? Will they hold up?

Absolutely! Our lighting systems are designed to be used on all kinds of vehicles that operate in all kinds of weather. When installed properly, these systems will continue to function on all kinds of vehicles in all kinds of weather conditions for many years. Our Low Proile LED strips are IP65 rated and our Heavy Duty LED strips are IP67 rated. Our LED strips can be submerged in water for short periods of time. They're not however marine grade LEDs which are specifically designed to operate full time under-water.

All Boogey Lights® LED Controllers are water resistant and can be used outdoors. They are not however water proof. They should not be submerged in water or subjected to direct water contact for long periods of time. It's certainly OK for them to get wet though. For longevity and best performance, we recommend mounting the LED Controller in a location that will be protected from the eleiments and in particular, direct water contact. Note too the LED controller should be mounted in an area where there is sufficient air flow around the box to keep it from over-heating. This is particularly true if the number LEDs you have connected to the controller is within 25% of the controller's maximum capacity. The more LEDs you add, the hotter the LED controller will get particularly as it approaches maximum capacity.


Where can I find AMPERAGE data for BOOGEY LIGHTS® products?

You can find AMPERAGE DATA HERE or on the SPECIFICATIONS navigation tab which appears on virtually every LED light kit we offer.


Do you offer a music interface to make the lights dance to the music?

Sorry. No we don't. Years ago we offered a music interface for our motorcycle light kits. We learned a lot from that experience. Music interfaces sound good on paper but in reality, it's just the opposite. Truth is, music interfaces for LED lights on motor vehicles is a novelty that gets old quickly. Anyone telling you otherwise hasn't had experience with them. Aside from adding cost for a feature that is rarely used, they're prone to problems and poor performance. And for many, they're annoying and irritating. If you want to turn your truck into a disco dance hall, there are lots of other cheap options out there to do so. For the few times you'll end up using it, its the most cost effective solution. You'll thank us later.


Where can I download your Bluetooth APP for my phone?

Like every other phone APP on the planet that's made for Android or IOS, you can find our free APPs in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE or the APPLE STORE. Just search for 'Boogey Lights'. Note that we offer two versions: GEN1 and GEN2. The GEN1 APP works with our GEN1 Bluetooth LED controllers. The GEN2 APP works with our GEN2 Bluetooth LED controllers. Our GENERATION 2 (aka GEN2 or just G2) LED Controllers were released in June of 2023. Previous to this time, all Boogey Lights® LED controllers were GENERATION 1 (aka GEN1 or just G1) LED controllers. Bluetooth capable GEN1 LED Controllers can only use the GEN1 Controller APP. The GEN1 LED Controllers can be seen here: https://www.boogeylights.com/gen-1-bluetooth-rf-combo-led-controller/ . The new GEN2 LED Controllers can be seen here: https://www.boogeylights.com/gen2-bluetooth-rf-combo-led-controller/. All GEN2 LED Controllers are Bluetooth capable and will only work with the new GEN2 LED Controller APP. The GEN1 and GEN2 APPs are not interchangeable. The way you can tell if you have a GEN2 LED controller is to look at the back of the controller. The MODEL number printed on the back will include a 'G2' designation (see photo examples below). GEN1 LED controllers will not have this designation. Boogey Lights GEN1 and GEN2 Controller Types


I lost my RF wireless remote. How can I tell which one works with my controller and where can I purchase a replacement?

You'll find a chart listing all of our LED Controller model numbers and the corresponding RF remotes below. Match the model number on the back of your controller with the RF remote style. You can purchase replacement M7 and KEYFOB style remotes directly from our website using this search link: https://www.boogeylights.com/search.php?search_query=replacement . You can also use our QUICK-FIND search feature too to locate these parts.

Boogey Lights LED Remotes


How do I pair my RF wireless remote to the LED Controller?

It depends on which RF remote you have. Over the past 25 years we've produced many LED controllers that use different RF wireless remotes. If you've purchased one of our LED controllers that use an RF wireless remote since 2015, here's the information you need. There's both written instructions and video. Note: This information can also be found in our INSTALLATION RESOURCES section here on our site. We provide all documentation for all products -- installation, product specs, how-to, wiring diagrams, etc -- right here on our website using that link.

M7 Style RF Wireless Control
KEY FOB Style RF Wireless Control

VIDEO: How to Pair Your M7 Remote to the Controller


VIDEO: How to Pair Your KEY FOB Remote to the Controller