Front Wheel Wiring Kit with 6' Steel Braid

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Front Wheel Wiring Kit with 6' Steel Braid

A must have for those with braided brake lines. This wiring kit has everything you need to mount two LED wheel lights to your front calipers including 6' of steel braid to cover the black wires.

6′ steel braid to cover black wires to run along steel braided brake line.
10 chrome zip ties to attach braided wire to braided brake line.
8 inches 3M tape
(1) 3M promoter tube
(4) 1/8 inch heat shrink tubes to secure the ends of the braid to the wiring

Installation Tips

To use the steel braid, first open the end with a small phillips screwdriver. Once you get a couple inches opened up graduate to a #2 phillips screwdriver with the longest shaft you can find. Should be about 1/4" diameter shaft. Push all the steel braid over the shaft. You now have the braid opened up wide enough to fish your wheel light wire through. Pull the braid tight when all the wire is through and you should be all set.