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LED Control Center

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size: 14.00 W × 14.00 H × 6.00 L
Price as Configured
Prices for product only. Installation not included.
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One of the more intimidating tasks some folks find when installing our lighting system is how to wire up the various system components. This is particularly the case with larger, more complex installations using our dual-zone LED controller and RGBx led strips which in addition to an LED controller often require a relay or other wireless switch. To make the wiring process a little less intimidating for customers, we offer pre-built LED Control Centers. These pre-built control centers are built to order based on the lighting kit you purchased. Not only do they make for a professional looking installation, they also make the installation easier since the LED control components are already mounted and pre-wired to the control center board with the wiring neatly organized and easily identifiable. When you receive your order, the LED Control Center is already built and tested. To install, mount the board to wherever you've identified as being the best location (usually close to your batteries) and then complete the wiring by connecting battery power and the LED power leads from the LED strips to the control center; both of which are clearly marked on the control center board. The control center board itself has four 2" stand offs with plexi-glass mounted on top which keeps the components protected. You can see photos of typical control centers in the photo carousel of this product page. We offer three sizes of control boards depending on the installation type.The price varies based on you light kit configuration.

NOTE: This PRE-BUILT LED Control Center DOES NOT include any LED controllers, switches or relays.  We build out the control center out using the components you purchase in your light kit (which you would otherwise have to build out on your own). The price includes the labor, mounting board, stand offs, plexi-glass, terminal blocks and wiring supplies needed to complete the control center using the LED controller, switches and/or relays you purchase as part of a separate LED light kit.   Once built, each LED Control Center is tested on a bench to confirm all components are working properly before shipping.

Configuration Options

The drop down options on this product page determine the pricing. If you're not sure which of these options apply to the light kit you purchased, reach out to us. We'll be happy to advise you. Here is an explanation of each option offered.

Board Size: This is the physical dimensions of the mounting board. For installations using our Heavy Duty LED Controller there's a 12" x 12" board and a 12" x 10" board. Choose the size that fits best for your installation. For smaller installations -- usually single zone LED controllers and single color installations that aren't using an LED controller (just a wired or wireless switch) -- there's an 9" x 9" board. Be sure to measure your available mounting location.

Number of Relays: Does your lighting configuration require a relay (or relays) to be installed on the control center board? If so, we need to know how many. Relays are used most often with RGBx, Dual-Color and Single Color installations. In RGBx installations (e.g. RGBA), the relay is used along with a switch to turn on/off the 'X' (e.g. amber) diodes. Only one relay is required in these installations. In Dual-Color installations, two relays may be required: one for each color. For Single color installations a relay may or may not be needed. Depends on the amperage draw and how the LEDs are being switched.

Switching: Does your lighting configuration require a wired or wireless switch to be installed on the control center board? If so, we need to know which type. Wired or wireless switches are most often used in RGBx, Dual Color and Single Color installations.

Lighting Type: What is your lighting configuration type? RGB? RGBA? RGBW? Dual-Color? Single-Color? The lighting type determines the number of wires and terminal block conductors required.

Number of Lighting Zones: How many lighting zones do you have? The default setting is one zone (assumes one led controller) however it's possible to have as many as four (two - dual zone heavy duty LED controllers). Each zone requires it's own terminal block and wiring. It's also possbile to have no LED controller (e.g. single color or dual-color installation) in which case there are no led controller zones.


Mounting Your LED Control Center

We ship each LED Control Center with 3M dual lock recloseable fastener (and 3M Adhesion Promoter). This 3M product will allow you to quickly and easily mount your LED Control Center against any smooth flat surface. While you can certainly mount the control center using a more permanent method our experience has been that this 3M dual lock fastening system is more than adequate. Plus, if you ever need to trouble-shoot the system, it's easy to remove the board from it's mounting surface making it more convenient to work on.

What's Included
LED Control Center board built using the lighting components from your Boogey Lights® LED light kit (purchased separately).
Terminal blocks and wiring components necessary to mount LED components to the board.
3M quick-lock recloseable fasteners with 3M adhesion primer for mounting.

NOTE ON RETURN POLICY FOR THIS PRODUCT:  This product is considered a custom ordered product which may not be eligible to be returned - or if so, it will be subject to additional fees and/or restrictions. Be sure to read our RETURN POLICY for details.