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Magnetic Reed Proximity Switch. Normally Open or Closed

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size: 3.00 W × 3.00 H × 3.00 L
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Magnetic reed switch with screw terminals. Switch will activate when within close proximity to the included magnet. Can be used as Normally-Open or Normally-Closed. Set contains switch, magnet and two pieces of double sided tape.  We use these switches for interior lighting applications (e.g. pantry, closets) in the Normally Open configuration with our single color white LED strips.  Makes for a nice professional installation. When the pantry door opens, the LEDs light up.  When the pantry closes, the LED light turns off.   Be mindful of the amperage draw though.  These switches are not designed to handle more than .86 amps at 12vdc (10 Watts).  If your amperage draw exceeds this rating, you can add a RELAY into the circuit such that the magnetic reed switch is only triggering the relay (draws milliamps) and the higher amperage for the LEDs is running through the relay instead of the reed switch.  With the switch wired in the Normally Open position you can probably get away with a little more amperage because the current isn't flowing most of the time BUT it's something you need to pay attention to.  If you're wiring the switch in the Normally Closed position, make sure you aren't exceeding this .86 amp (10 Watt) rating since the current is flowing most of the time. Regardless of the amperage readings, if the magnetic reed switch feels warm to the touch, you are pulling too much amperage through it. We strongly encourage you to add a relay to the circuit.  

Note:  This is a switch that is activated by a magnet. It is designed to be installed IN-LINE with the 12vdc + circuit that powers the lights.  The 12vdc- ground wire for the circuit is run directly to the LEDs.  It has nothing to do with the operation of this switch.  The switch simply breaks the flow of the 12vdc+ electricity going to the lights which turns them on/off.  Most installations will use the NORMALLY OPEN connections (the COM and NO terminals shown on the switch). Download the wiring diagram here

Normally Open = electricity is flowing when the magnet is NOT near the switch.  This is the position most installs will use as electricity is flowing to the lights when the door is open. 

Normally Closed = electricity is flowing when the magnet IS near the switch.


  • Current Rating: 0.5A @ 20V DC, 10 Watts Max
  • Voltage Rating: 120V AC (max) @ 0.08A, 80V DC (max) @ 0.1A
  • Switch Type: SPDT
  • Action: Normally Open (N.O.) or Normally Closed (N.C.)
  • Indoor use only
  • Color: White or Brown
  • Wiring Diagram Download

Note: We do not manufacture this product. We provide this product to customers as a convenience only. You can purchase this same or similiar product online elsewhere probably at a lower cost. We do not provide support for nor do we warranty this product beyond it working as described when wired properly. See wiring diagrams for details on how to use this product.