Mini T12 Aluminum LED Strip Channel

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size: 1.00 W × 1.00 H × 1.00 L

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Mini T12 Aluminum LED Strip Channel

Our Mini T12 Low Profile Aluminum Channels are designed to work with Boogey Lights RGB and Single Color LED light strips. These aluminum channels and the optional opal diffuser make for a very clean and professional look in situations where the LED strips are in plain view. The diffuser gives off a nice glow lighting effect too (see photos of finished installation inside a private jet). The Mini T12 aluminum channel is a low profile design that can be mounted just about anywhere. The Mini T12 has an anodized finish (electrostatic sprayed) which provides maximum protection against the elements. The aluminum channel acts as a heat sink too. They're ideal for harsh indoor or outdoor use to protect the LEDs. The channel can be mounted any number of ways including adhesive tape, rivets or screws. Then, our LED strips fit nicely into the channel using the 3M tape already affixed to the back of Boogey Lights LED rolls. The diffuser completes the installation by snapping into the channel. On outdoor installations we advise adding some silicone to the ends of the channel to seal it.


1 meter (39.37 inches)
2 meters (78.74 inches)
1 Meter Channel: 1000mm (39.37") x 17mm (.67") x 8mm (.31") Weighs 7.2 oz
2 Meter Channel: 2000mm (78.74") x 17mm (.67") x 8mm (.31") Weighs 14.4 oz