We get a lot of questions from consumers wanting to know the cost of a Boogey Lights® LED light kit for their specific truck. Truth is, without getting more details from you we have no idea. While we have pre-configured LED light kits for some of the most popular trucks on the road today, there are still questions we need answered to be able to give you a more precise number. Aside from inspecting the mounting surfaces and getting some measurements, there are a number of important personal preference product options which greatly impact the price as well as installation times. Simply put, until someone takes the time to answer these questions the best we can do is give you an estimate range; which is what you see here in this chart. If you're not sure how much you want to spend, this chart is a great starting point. It will at least give you a ball-park price range. If you want to proceed, at that point we can assist you with putting together a light kit to fit literally any truck -- it doesn't have to be one of our pre-configured kits either. 

Popular Semi-Truck LED Light Kit Prices


The low end of this price scale applies to single color, single zone LED light kits without a controller or dimmer. Usually just a simple on/off. The higher end of this price scale applies to multi-color RGB systems that involve one single zone LED controller or a Dual-Color system with two switches. The most expensive are those systems which require a dual zone LED controller which involve RGBA systems.  These systems require a relay (or two) and additional switching mechanisms.


These installation times assume at least 2 people doing the install. There's an additional price component we can't estimate and that is shop supplies. For some installations (particularly under-glow), we often have to build out a mounting surface; we can't simply attach the LED strips directly to the truck (especially fuel tanks). Those shop supplies add to the cost both in terms of the supplies but also in installation time.


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