Split Wire Loom

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size: 8.00 W × 8.00 H × 4.00 L

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Flexible polyethylene split wire loom is ideal for holding groups of wires in position and protecting them against abrasion. We use this for covering exposed LED power lead cables as well as 12vdc power running from the LED controller to the battery. Also makes for a nice clean install. The split runs along the entire length of the loom which makes wire insertion easy. Once the wire run is inserted, the split remains closed. Ribbed design allows for a flexible tube that is easy to install. Resistant to abrasion, gasoline, oil, and many other chemicals. Operating range of -40˚ to 200˚F (-40˚C to 93˚C). Available in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" diameters (diameter measurement is the inside diameter) and in lengths of 10' and 25'.  Black.