Waterproof Black Quick Connector

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Black Waterproof Quick Connectors

Available in 3mm and 6.5mm. Each includes 20cm of 4 - conductor wire on the ends of the male and female 4 pin connectors. Use these connectors when installing our lights on frequently serviced locations on your bike. For example - most Harley Davidson® v-twins will require the tank to be removed during that 10k mile service interval. Use one or two connectors for the lights on your tank. Gold Wings require panels to be removed for routine service. Use a connector to make it easy to service these points on your bike.

Forms a secure, watertight seal thats easy to disconnect when servicing your bike
Available in 3mm and 6.5mm for flexble installation needs
Includes 20cm (approximately 8 inches) of 4 - conductor wire on each end
Plugs are 4 pin and can be used with our single color OR multi color lights

Installation Tips

Use these waterproof connectors in high maintenance locations for your specific installation. Ideal for sport bikes or Gold Wings where routine maintenance points are located behind removable side panels. Also popular for use when wiring up the lights under the tank or on the saddlebags on a v-twin. Works with our single OR multi color lights strips.

NOTE: While these quick-disconnect connectors are intended for use with our motorcycle light kits, they can also be used with some of our RV products. When using them for larger LED installations you have to make sure you are not over-loading the connector. We recommend only using the larger, 6.5mm connector for RV installations and only for one (1) 300 LED light strip. Maximum amperage draw on the 6.5mm connector is 3.5 amps.