Think all RV LED lighting products are the same? THINK AGAIN!

The vast majority of LED lighting products being sold to the RV market today are designed and engineered for INDOOR use. They're not engineered to withstand the harsh outdoor environments where Boogey Lights® products have been time-tested on everything from motorcycles to boats to cars and ATVs for more than 25 years. The LEDs and electronic components we use are of the highest quality manufactured specifically for Boogey Lights®. We source our product components directly. No middle man, jobber or distributor. Our products are not cheap, mass-produced knockoffs often found on discount marketplaces. Sorry - a $60 (or less) LED strip sold on Amazon or EBay is not even close in terms of quality, construction, capability or brightness. Anyone claiming otherwise simply hasn't done their homework. All Boogey Lights® components are manufactured to our exacting standards specifically for us and specifically for our motorsports applications. We only use super high-quality, high-intensity 5050 LEDs manufactured by one of the world's leading manufacturers based in Japan. This is why our LEDs are so bright compared to the dull and dirty LEDs found in the leading RV awning light products sold by most RV dealers and online camping stores. If you view our product comparison video you'll quickly see the difference in quality, brightness and intensity of the Boogey Lights® LED product versus what's being sold elsewhere. However there are additional reasons why Boogey Lights® LED products are superior. Read on if you'd like to learn more . . .

In this video we do a side-by-side comparison of Boogey Lights® RV LED lighting products and the leading RV LED awning product sold by most RV dealers and online camping stores. We think you'll agree the differences are significant.

Why Boogey Lights® RV lighting products are Superior

  • PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD (PCB) material we use is the highest quality, designed to operate in harsh outdoor motorsports environments. Our RV lighting products use 2 ounce copper weight instead of the standard .5 or 1 ounce copper. Why? Because it's thicker and more durable. Copper weight is the amount of copper present in one square foot of area. A 2 ounce copper weight equates to a PCB thickness of 2.8 mils. The thickness of the PCB is important because it's what carries the electrical current to the individual LEDs mounted to the strip. Most RV lighting products use a low grade PCB of .5 or 1 ounce copper which is only .68 or 1.37 mils thick. This thinner PCB works fine for stationary indoor applications but it's a bad idea for outdoor applications on vehicles that move, flex and vibrate. Boogey Lights® RV lighting products use PCB that is two to four times thicker. Little wonder even after a brief period of time the leading RV LED products sold today often fail.
  • POWER LEADS are hardwired to the end of the LED strip and sealed with not one but two layers of epoxy heat shrink. And, we include 15' of power lead cable (we also offer custom lengths if you need them). The leading competitor RV lights by comparison provides just a few feet of power lead and uses a flimsy plastic barrel type connector that will either be hanging outside the unit or you'll need to drill a sizeable hole through the side of your RV to get power. That flimsy connector also has a tendancy to vibrate loose as the RV moves down the road. Plus, the connector design allows moisture to easily seep into the connection corroding and shorting out the lights over time.
  • ADHESIVE BACKING on Boogey Ligthts® LED light strips is the best available. We only use genuine 3M® products. Sadly, counterfeit products masquerading as genuine are widely used by many manufacturers in Asia to cut costs. 3M® is the "gold standard" when it comes to adhesive for a reason. We also add extra thickness - at least 3x thicker than the leading brand. Like a shock-absorber, the thicker adhesive backing absorbs much of the movement when the vehicle vibrates and flexs going down the road. Without that extra thickness the LED strip, PCB, solder joints and LEDs have to absorb the vibration and flexing directly. It doesn't take long before that vibration and flexing damages the strip. It's also the reason why our light strips stay stuck! Look on any website selling RV LED Awning or Under-Glow light strips and if they're honest, the number one complaint from customers is they don't stay stuck.
  • The ADVANCED CONTROLLER TECHNOLOGY used on Boogey Ligthts® controllers and LED strips is superior. All Boogey Lights® LED strips are COMMON CATHODE strips with the controller technology being POSITIVELY SWITCHED. This means that Boogey Lights® LED strips share a common ground. The controller switches on/off the positive (hot) side of the circuit similiar to how every motorized vehicle in the United States is wired. Just like your car, Boogey Lights® LED strips are only energized with power when they are in use. Without getting into the electrical weeds the advantange of this design is that it is more robust, more efficient, will last longer and provides a brighter glow. It also means there is less chance of the LED strip or controller shorting out, making it safer. Of course it costs more to build a controller that switches the positive side of the circuit instead of the negative. That's why most competitors use negatively switched controllers with common anode LED strips. Little wonder common anode LEDs and negatively switched controllers are the default circuit design mass-produced and used throughout Asia.

Take a look at just about any website offering reviews for RV lighting products and you'll see a lot of complaints about quality, design and durability.

There's a reason customers are complaining. The quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of LED light strips and controller components is important particularly when used outdoors on vehicles that move, flex and vibrate. Heat, cold, wind, rain, dirt and vibration are factors that must be taken into consideration when producing LED lighting for outdoor, motorsports applications. Cheaper brands don't pay attention to these important details because it costs more. There's more ...

  • Boogey Lights® remote controller devices are capable of powering as many as 2100 LEDs on a single controller whereas the leading competitor only has a single option of 300 LEDs. Plus, if you want to go even higher, we have controller options to do that too. In addition, we offer more controller options including wired and wireless. Even use your smartphone.
  • Boogey Lights® remote controls have built in protection against reverse polarity and cross-connecting the LED power leads so even if you cross-wire them by accident, it won't damage the controller.
  • All Boogey Lights® products are Designed, Assembled and Supported in the UNITED STATES. The leading competitor is 100% made in Asia and sold to the US market by a company in Canada. For more information on this Made in the USA issue, click here.

Sure, Boogey Lights® RV outdoor lighting products may cost a little more but they'll be the last RV or camper LED lights you'll buy! At Boogey Lights® when it comes to sticking lights on vehicles that move we absolutely know what works because we've been doing it for more than 25 years.