2 Conductor (18 AWG) Power Lead Wire for Single Color LEDs

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2 Conductor (18 AWG) Power Lead Wire for Single Color LEDs

18 gauge power lead wire for use with 2 conductor single color LEDs. Cable is color coded black (ground 12vdc-) and red (power 12vdc+). Encased in black PVC jacket that has been dyed (original PVC jacket color is grey). Use this cable if you need to extend 12vdc power to single-color LEDs. This 18 gauge cable is a heavier duty cable compared the the 26 gauge cable used in our wheel lights and RGB power lead cable.

Desired length of 18 guage two conductor wire. Sold by the foot

Note: The PVC jacket on this wire is grey which has been dyed black. As such it has a tendancy to fade from black to a blueish color if exposed to the elements over time. This typically isn't a problem if the cable isn't visible. If however you're using this cable to extend the power leads for wheel lights or someplace where the cable can be seen, you may want to purchase cable that will not fade when exposed to the elements over time. Use product number PGU-IS-WR-PL-2C-1F-ND which uses a black PVC jacket and will not fade.