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3 LED Segments: The Left-Overs

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UPC: 812928023012
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3 LED SEGMENTs - 'The Left Overs'

Our super-bright hi-intensity LOW PROFILE 3 LED Segment Leff-Overs are perfect for a DIY or hobbyist lighting project! These thin, low profile surface mounted LEDs will fit in tight spots; ideal for lighting small spaces.

So what exactly are these things? Glad you asked! During the assembly process we test every LED strip we produce. To assist in that testing process, every LED strip initially has a short 5" testing power lead attached to it along with a special nylon connector used to help us in that testing process. If the LED strip passes our tests, that testing power lead along with 3 LEDs are cut off and the rest of the LED strip continues to the next step in our assembly and build process. Those 3 LEDs with power lead 'Left-Over' segments are what you see here. We offer them for sale at a heavily discounted price. They're ideal for a hobbyist or DIY'er who wants to use them in a lighting project of some type.

Each group of 3 LEDs is about 2" long and has a 5" power lead soldered to it. In most cases there's one (or two if RGBWW) nylon connectors at the end of that power lead. We do not sell the mate to that nylon connector but you might be able to find them elsewhere; although in our view, it's simply easier to cut it off and hard wire that testing power lead to additional wire. It's a pretty simple thing to do. One note however: The colors of the wires on the testing power lead are meaningless except the black wire. That black wire is always ground. These 3 LED Segment Left-Over's are available in RGB, RGBA, RGBW, RGBWW and a variety of Single Color LEDs. To use these left over LED segments you'll need to seal the cut end of the LED strip (silicone or heat shrink works well for this). You'll also likely need to add some additional power lead wire and possibly heat shrink the soldered end where the testing power lead attaches to the LED strip.

These LEDs are 12vdc LEDs. They require 12vdc power. We offer 120vac to 12vdc power converters if needed. Keep in mind too that any of the RGB LEDs will also require an LED controller to operate. We offer LED controllers too.

You can find detailed specifications on these LOW PROFILE LED strips (including AMPERAGE ratings) by clicking on the SPECIFICATIONS navigation tab.

RGBW: On the RGBW led strip, in addition to RGB, you get one extra diode which is Warm White. That warm white diode has a Kelvin temperature of 2400 which means it has a yellowish look giving it a warmer, softer, candle like look (see photo below). That fourth diode on the RGBW led strip is often wired to simple ON/OFF switch OR zone 2 of our Dual Zone LED controller.

RGBA: On the RGBA led strip, in addition to RGB, you get one extra diode which is AMBER. That fourth diode on the RGBA led strip is often wired to a simple ON/OFF switch or zone 2 of our Dual Zone LED controller.

RGBWW: On the RGBWW led strip, in addition to RGB, you get two extra diodes: One is Warm White (2400 Kelvin) and one is Bright White (6000 Kelvin), Like the RGBW led strip, you can wire one (or both) of these two diodes to an existing OEM switch or connect them to a dimmer switch(es) or even another LED controller.

3 LED Left-Over Segement with hard wired testing power lead attached.
Available in the LED color of your choice on black or white PCB.
No warranty. Sold as is. May not be returned.




Note: The RGB diodes in any of our Multi-Color LED Strips (RGB, RGBA, RGBW, RGBWW) are common cathode LEDs. They require a BOOGEY LIGHTS LED CONTROLLER.