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Power Lead Wire

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Power Lead Wire

Power lead wire is used to extend the power lead connected to a Boogey Lights LED strip to a Boogey Lights LED controller or switch.12vdc use only. Our power lead cable is stranded wire and offered in 2, 4, 5 and 6 conductor formats. Cable is offered in gauge sizes of 14awg, 18awg, 20awg and 22awg. It's important to use the right wire gauge (awg) for the distance and amperage draw. 12vdc power drops quickly over distances. Sold by the foot. Here's our recommendation:

  • Runs of 1-24': 22awg  (max of 300 LEDs per run)
  • Runs of 25-50': 20awg  (max of 300 LEDs per run)

Above distances assumes no more than 300 LEDs per run. Sold by the foot. While you can purchase up to 100' of cable of this product for convenience, do not go longer than 50' in a single run when installing.

If you're looking for 'feeder cable' for under-glow installations to support up to 600 LEDs per run, use 18awg cable (50' max run). To support up to 1200 LEDs per run, use 14awg cable (50' max run).  For longer runs (up to 100'), use 14awg to support up to 900 leds.

Note:  Most of this cable is custom made for our applications. It's not available on the open market. We generally stock enough cable for our projected needs for 45 days for use with building our light kits.  We reserve the right to limit orders of more than 250' of cable at a time.  


  • 20 and 22 AWG: Your choice of Black or White  (5 conductor 22awg is only available in black jacket)
  • 18 AWG: Available in Grey (6 conductor) and Black (5 conductor)
  • 14 AWG: Available online in Grey


  • Single Color requires 2 conductor
  • RGB requires 4 conductor
  • RGBW and RGBA requires 5 conductor
  • RGBWW requires 6 conductor


  • 2 Conductor: red, black
  • 4 Conductor: red, green, blue, black
  • 5 Conductor: red, green, blue, black, white
  • 6 Conductor: red, green, blue, black, white, grey

Cable does not have a pull string.

Sold by the foot.
Desired length of power lead cable in the gauge of your selection. 
Select Wire Gauge size and Outer Jacket selection.

Use as little power lead wire as you can when designing your lighting system. Adding more power lead wire to your system means more voltage drop (loss of brightness) AND amperage draw increases.