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January 1, 2021 | We no longer offer the single adhesion primer tubes. Just too many issues with them causing bad customer experiences. Instead, we offer both TWO and FOUR OUNCE Adhesion Primer bottles.

3M Adhesion Primer / Promoter Tube

Single 3M promoter tube. A must-have to ensure maximum tape adhesion. Now offered in a convenient single-use applicator.

3M Promoter tube in single pack or 25-pack

We offer promoter in these convenient tubes with applicator tip. Just crush the tube at the dot to moisten the applicator with promoter then “paint” it on your clean mounting surface where you plan to attach the tape. Do not get this product on your hands. Be sure to read the product handling warnings, as it’s a very strong chemical. ALWAYS apply 3M promoter to any surface that the tape will touch. It acts as a primer and ensures maximum adhesion. The key to excellent tape adhesion is to first clean the surface with alcohol then "paint" on the 3M Promoter.

3M Promoter is available in single tubes and 25-pack for dealers and installers. We also offer this adhesion primer in 2oz and 4oz bottles

Using 3M Promoter: 3M Promoter is a powerful adhesion primer. You don’t need a lot to make it work. A simple single swipe on the surface you’re mounting the light strip to is all you need. The 3M primer instantly bonds the 3M tape on the back of the led light strip to the mounting surface. Once the 3M tape on the back of the LED strips touches a surface that has been treated with the 3M promoter, they will instantly bond together. You will not be able to break that bond without damaging the strip so make sure you have the placement where you want it the first time. There are no do-overs when using 3M Promoter and 3M VHB tape.  

One word of caution: The cotton tip on the end of the 3M Promoter tube will evaporate quickly. Once you break the glass tube inside the promoter tube (we’re assuming you’re using the tubes versus a can of promoter) it’s important to use the promoter tube immediately. Do not allow it to sit around. If you do, the cotton applicator tip will dry up. Once you paint on the promoter you have at least an hour to mount the light strip although we recommend proceeding immediately after painting the surface with the 3M Promoter.



Installation Tips

The process of preparing the surface with 3M Promoter is as follows:

  1. Clean the surface with alcohol. Be sure to let the alcohol dry completely before proceeding.
  2. Apply 3M Promoter to the area where you will be mounting your lights (do not get the promoter on your hands - read all product handling warnings)
  3. Wait 30-90 seconds to allow the 3M Promoter to dry.
  4. Mount your lights.

Once the 3M tape touches the surface that has been promoted, it will adheare to the surface and is very difficult to move.