3M Double-sided Tape and Promoter

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3M Double-sided Tape and Promoter

12″ of 3M automotive acrylic tape with 1 promoter tube to install an additional 6 – 8 LED lighting fixtures. We’re now offering promoter in these tubes due to problems with the envelopes we show in the video drying out. Just crush the tube at the dot to moisten the applicator with promoter then “paint” it on your clean mounting surface where you plan to attach the tape. Be sure to promote the surface of your LED lights themselves before attaching tape to them. Do not get this product on your hands. Be sure to read the product handling warnings, as it’s a very strong chemical. Always apply 3M promoter to any surface that the tape will touch. It acts as a primer and ensures maximum adhesion. The key to excellent tape adhesion is a properly cleaned and promoted mounting surface.

3M Promoter is available in single tubes as well as 25-packs and 8oz cans for dealers and installers.

Installation Tips

The process of preparing the surface with 3M Promoter is as follows:

  1. Clean the surface with alcohol. Be sure to let the alcohol dry completely before proceeding.
  2. Apply 3M Promoter to the area where you will be mounting your lights (do not get the promoter on your hands - read all product handling warnings)
  3. Wait 30-90 seconds to allow the 3M Promoter to dry.
  4. Mount your lights.

Once the 3M tape touches the surface that has been promoted, it will adhear to the surface and is very difficult to move.