4 Conductor 18AWG Feeder Cable

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size: 8.00 W × 8.00 H × 8.00 L
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18AWG 4 Conductor PVC Feeder Cable / RGB

We typically use this cable for RGB installations where we need to get power to multiple LED strips from the LED controller.  Instead of running each LED power lead back to the controller, we will use a single run of this 18awg feeder cable.  Commonly used for motor home under-glow installations for lighting up the rear area behind the axle.  In these scenarios there may be 3 or 4 short LED strips mounted at the rear of the RV.  The feeder cable will connect those 3 or 4 LED strips to the LED controller which is typically mounted with the house batteries closer to the front of the RV.  Super important not to over-load the feeder cable with more than 600 LEDs total.  Keep in mind too that 12DC power quickly drops over distance so you want to keep these feeder cable runs as short as possible. If not, the LED strips attached to the feeder cable will be dimmer than the LED strips that are attached directly to the controller.  

Grey jacket.  Stranded cable.  Inner colors are BLACK, RED, GREEN, WHITE.   Note that there is not a BLUE inner color jacket on this feeder cable so when using with our RGB LED strips, the BLUE power lead will connect to the WHITE feeder cable wire.   Available in 25' and 50' increments.