4 Conductor (20 AWG) RGB Power Lead Wire (in BLACK jacket)

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4 Conductor (20 AWG) RGB Power Lead Wire (in BLACK jacket)

Recommended for extending power lead runs beyond 25 feet. 20 gauge power lead wire for use with 4 conductor multi-color (RGB) LEDs. UL2464 -20c to 80c VW-1. Jacket color is BLACK. Inside cable colors are RED, GREEN, BLUE and BLACK. Commonly used for extending the power leads on our PCB LEDs used with RVs, Campers and Trailer installs. Sold by the foot. Use this cable if you need to extend 12vdc power to multi-color LEDs. RECOMMENDED FOR RUNS LONGER THAN 25' to reduce power loss over longer distances.

Black Jacket Power Lead Wire
Desired length of 20 gauge 4 conductor wire. Sold by the foot.