Comparison Chart of Boogey Lights® LED Controllers in Production

DECEMBER 2023 | The below list of wireless LED CONTROLLERs are in production and currently offered for use with Boogey Lights® LEDs. They can be purchased individually as well as in many of our pre-made LED light kits. For a list of all out-of-production Boogey Lights® LED controllers, CLICK HERE.

Boogey Lights LED Controllers


The PLUS KF, SUPER KF and G2 PLUS KF controllers include our BRAKE FLASH feature. With this feature the LED controller can be wired such that when the brake flash circuit is energized with 12vdc power, the LED controller immediately energizes just the LEDs connected to the RED output wire of the LED controller. This is a popular safety option for motorcycles. Note that the Brake Flash circuit does not have to be used. If you don't want to use the Brake Flash circuit, simply cap the brake flash input wire on the controller and forget about it.

The G2 SUPER, G2 HEAVY DUTY and G2 HEAVY DUTY DUAL ZONE controllers are all RGBxx capable and include our QUICK SWITCH feature. The Quick Switch feature is similiar to the Brake Flash feature except that when 12vdc power is applied to the trigger wire on the controller, the LEDs attached to GREY output wire (RGBxx output) turn on. Commonly used for RGBA and RGBW LED lighting systems. Signficantly more detail on these features can be found on the GEN2 CONTROLLER product page.
About the Boogey Lights® GEN1 Bluetooth APP

About the Boogey Lights® GEN2 Bluetooth APP

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Using an RGB LED Controller with RGBxx LED Lights


Boogey Lights® offers two wireless RF remote control styles: KEY FOB and what's referred to as an M7 tv style remote. While both provide the same operational functionality, the main difference between the two styles is the size and the number of buttons. With either remote control style and a Boogey Lights RGB LED controller you can change between seven pre-set colors (white, red, green, blue, pink, lime green, light blue) along with functions of on/off, color blending, strobing, breathing, flashing, fading and 7 levels of dimming. In the Blending, Breathing, Flashing and Strobing modes these features can be set to remain on a single color or to cycle through each of the 7 colors. You can also adjust the speed at which this happens. For the RGBWW remote you can also adjust the white intensity and temperature of the two WW diodes. For the dual zone RGB controller you can adjust the RGB colors and functions listed per zone. And finally, if the LED controller is Bluetooth capable (using your smartphone and our free IOS or Android APP), you can create a custom look with over 16 million different color combinations plus three pre-sets (per zone) along with two or three color programming functionality. See Bluetooth APP information above for more details on the Bluetooth functionality.

Note: A KEY FOB style RF remote cannot be paired with an LED Controller designed to be used with the M7 RF style remote (and vise versa).

KEY FOB RF Wireless Remote: The KEY FOB remote is smaller with a cover that slides over top of the four buttons to protect them from being accidentally pressed. The KEY FOB style is most commonly used with small format vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, golf carts and boats. Measurements are 2" tall x 1" wide x .5" high and uses an MN27 12v alkaline battery. Because there are only four buttons, each of the buttons provides multiple functions. This can make it a little more confusing to some since each of the buttons has 2 functions. It's not difficult to learn but it's not as intuitive as the larger format RF remote. Also, the KEY FOB RF remotes will only work with our single color RGB led lights. The KEY FOB RF remote is not offered with our RGBWW LEDs or in a DUAL ZONE controller format. There is only one KEY FOB RF style remote available. Sold as a pair. Works with both GEN1 and GEN2 controllers that use a KEY FOB wireless remote.

M7 STYLE RF Wireless Remote: With the introduction of our GEN2 LED Controller line we offer two M7 formats: one for the GEN1 and one for the GEN2. Both of these M7 Style RF wireless remotes are larger than the KEYFOB remotes. The G1 version measures  3 3/8" tall x 1 5/8" wide x 1/4" high. The G2 version measure 4 1/2" tall x 1 5/8" wide x 1/4" high. And within the M7 family, we offer SINGLE ZONE and DUAL ZONE M7s. Each button is single function which makes it more intuitive to use. The STANDARD M7 and G2 M7 remote have a 3vdc battery (CR2032) whereas all of the other M7 remotes uses a 12v A27 battery. Sold individually. The G1 and G2 M7 remotes are NOT compatible with each other.


Boogey Lights KEY FOB RF wireless remote  Boogey Lights M7 Style RF wireless remote  Boogey Lights M7 Style RF wireless remote