BoogeyBox Add-On LED Light Sticks

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Expand your BoogeyBox lighting system using these ADD-ON LED LIGHT STICKS. Available in 39" and 78" lengths, these LED Light Sticks plug-n-play with The BoogeyBox. LED Light Sticks are available with either 25' and 50' power leads. The 39" LED Light Stick contains 57 Hi-Intensity 5050 LEDs. The 78" LED Light Stick contains 117 Hi-Intensity 5050 LEDs. Each LED Light Stick is sealed. They have an aluminum base with a plastic diffuser to protect the LEDs.  Each Add-On LED Light Stick includes the connector that attaches to The BoogeyBox.  Instructions included.




39" LED Light Stick: 39" x .7" wide x .5" high, contains 56 RGB Hi-Intensity 5050 LEDs
78" LED Light Stick: 78" x .7" wide x .5" high, contains 117 RGB Hi-Intensity 5050 LEDs
Your choice of 25' or 50' Power Lead
One Year Original Owner Warranty.