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The BoogeyBox Portable LED Light System by Boogey Lights

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UPC: 812928023630
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Portable LED Lighting System.

One of the more common requests we receive is for a portable LED lighting system; something that doesn't have to be permanently installed. Up until now, we didn't have anything to satisfy those requests. However with the introduction of our new portable LED lighting system — THE BOOGEYBOX — it's now possible to take your Boogey Lights® pretty much anywhere. This portable LED lighting system is incredibly flexible. It sets up in minutes. The LED Light Sticks can be moved and positioned anywhere or anyway you want. No permanent mounting. No hard-wiring for power. Simply attach the LED Light Sticks to The BoogeyBox using the waterproof quick-disconnect connectors, then plug in to a 110vac electric outlet and your light sticks are ready to light up the night! With the included wireless RF remotes you can change the colors (7 colors), switch lighting modes, dim, brighten and turn on/off. The BoogeyBox is also Bluetooth capable so if you download our free IOS/Android APP, you can also control your LED Light Sticks with your mobile device. In Bluetooth mode, you can access up to 16 million color combinations, save presets - plus - program the lights to operate in 2 or 3 different color sequences.

The base BoogeyBox configuration includes two 39" LED Light Stick, with 57 hi-intensity 5050 LEDs in each stick. Each LED Light Stick has a 25' power lead. As an option, 78" LED Light Sticks (117 LEDs) are available. The BoogeyBox can be expanded to power up to a total of 12 LED Light Sticks. With the optional LED Light Stick Add-On, you can also specify a longer power lead -- up to 50'. We also offer power lead extension cables in 25' lengths. While The BoogeyBox was designed with RVers in mind (illuminating the perimeter of your RV by laying the LED Light Sticks on the ground), the applications aren't limited to just RVs. Some ideas include illuminating back yard pool environments, gazebos, patio perimeters, yard games for use at night (e.g. corn hole) or anywhere you want to add some temporary but functional or fun LED lighting! When the party or event is over, simply coil up the cables/light sticks along with the BoogeyBox itself and store them away. If you want a semi-permanent solution, because the LED Light Sticks are sealed — then mounted on aluminum and covered with a plastic diffuser, it's entirely possible to mount the LED Light Sticks to the bottom of an RV, motorhome or trailer using zip ties or similar temporary fastening system.



Base BOOGEYBOX Kit Includes
Two (2) - 39" LED Light Sticks each with a 25' power lead cable with waterproof quick-disconnect connector
One (1) - BoogeyBox with 10' power lead,120vac power supply. RF wireless + Bluetooth enabled. Capable of powering up to 12 - 39" LED Light Sticks or 6 - 78" LED Light Sticks.
One (1) - RF Wireless Remote control (3vdc battery included)
One (1) - RF Wireless Long Range Remote control (12vdc battery included)
One (1) - Internal RF Antenna
One (1) - External Hi-Range antenna with 15' cable
One Year Original Owner Warranty on the LED Light Sticks and Boogey Box.


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The BoogeyBox

Measurements: 5.5" wide x 12" long x 7.5" high. Allow an additional 3" on the length for the cables that come out of the box.
Weight: 2 to 3 lbs depending upon configuration
Capacity: Maximum capacity is 10amps / 12 - 39" LED Light Sticks or 6 - 78" LED Light Sticks.
Power Cable: 10' long 12vdc power lead + 24" 120vac power lead for the converter

39" LED Light Stick

Measurements: 39" x .7" wide x .5" high
Weight: .4 lb
Number of LEDs: 57 Hi-Intensity 5050 RGB LEDs
Power Lead: 25' long power lead with 6.5 mm waterproof connector (Optional 50' power lead available)

78" LED Light Stick

Measurements: 78" x .7" wide x .5" high
Weight: .8 lb
Number of LEDs: 117 Hi-Intensity 5050 RGB LEDs
Power Lead: 25' long power lead with 6.5 mm waterproof connector (Optional 50' power lead available)


Boogey Lights® RGB, RGBW, RGBA and RGBWW LEDs are common cathode LEDs. They share a common ground and will only work with positively switched controllers. Most third party led controllers are negatively switched controllers and will not work with Boogey Lights RGB, RGBW, RGBA or RGBWW LEDs. We offer a wide selection of LED CONTROLLERs here.