What do you recommend for my bike?
Depends – do you want single color or multi-color? Do you want to light only the engine? The engine and the ground below? Do you want to light your wheels? Your bags? Your entire bike? What is your budget? As you can see, there are a lot of variables. Plus, to a large degree, personal preference is a major factor in the decision. If you need some help figuring out what to buy use our LIGHTING SUGGESTIONS pages. Answer a few questions and we'll reply back with some suggestions and links. Also, if you want some ideas of what others have done, take a look at our Customer Photo Gallery.
My lights quit working – what now?

First thing to do is check your wiring connections. 99% of lighting issues come from a bad connection. Check the obvious first. If for example you have a pushbutton switch wired into the circuit, make sure the pushbutton is ON. Next, check all your wires to make sure you have a good solid connection including the ground and positive connections on your battery. Also check the fuse(s) to see if they’ve blown as this could be a sign of a short somewhere. Single color lights will have one fuse included with the wiring kit. Our multi-color remote adds a second fuse link on the positive side of the controller.

To further troubleshoot your lights begin by eliminating variables. If you have a remote, wire a single light strip directly to the power source (bypassing the remote) to determine if your led light strips are working. Once you determine your lights are powering up you can add the remote back in to that one good strip to further test the system. Be careful wiring your remote though – it is sensitive to reverse polarity. Hooking it up incorrectly could damage the unit and that’s not covered under warranty. As with any trouble-shooting process it's important to elminate all variables and one by one test each individual component to determine where the problem is. This is a process of elimination. You can find further suggestions in our TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE.

My remote stopped working?
Check all the wiring connections to make sure they are solid as outlined in the previous question. Try reconnecting the remote to the controller (if you have an RF KEY FOB remote, you may need to pair it with the controller). We have instructions for this on our site. Here’s the link to our Installation Instructions section.
If I order today, when will I receive my order?
Most orders placed by noon eastern time Monday through Friday ship the same day. Customized orders typically take an extra day, sometimes two. We are located in Florence, KY in the Cincinnati Ohio metro area. We prefer to use UPS as we have found it to be more reliable overall. That said, at the time you check out you can choose USPS as an alternative. It's your choice. Continental USA locations east of the Mississippi River are usually 2 or 3 days via ground. Locations west of the Mississippi River are typically 4 to 6 days ground shipping. We also ship to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. Canadian orders require taxes/duties to be paid by the customer. Orders over $99 qualify for FREE ground shipping. If you want your order faster you may elect to upgrade your shipping from ground to 3 day, 2 day or even Next Day service. If you are in doubt, give us a call and we'll be happy to assist.
Where can I find LUMENS data for BOOGEY LIGHTS®?
Lumens data is not available for BOOGEY LIGHTS® products. Why? Because frankly it's a marketing gimmick. Simply put, lumen output is a poor measure of the suitability of the type of LED lighting solutions we offer. If we were offering a single color, single bulb to replace a typical 60 watt incandenscent bulb used in a lamp for your living room it would be a different matter. The reality however is that our LED lighting products are made up of many LEDs, sometimes hundreds - not a single bulb. And most of our LED lighting solutions have many color combinations, up to 16 million different color combinations in some cases. The Lumens measurement changes dramatically based on the temperature of the color which is measured in Kelvins. In our view anyone attempting to compare motorsports LEDs based on an artificial Lumens value is wasting their time. If you're concerned about the brightness of any BOOGEY LIGHTS® lighting solutions we suggest bench testing them against whatever other brand you want to compare. We're confident you'll be pleased. If however you're not, we cheerfully accept returns up to 30 days.
Can I use Boogey Lights® controllers with other brands of 12vdc LED strips?
The short answer is maybe. It depends on the type of LEDs you're trying to power. In the 12vdc LED lighting world there are two types of LEDs: Common Cathode and Common Anode. The most common and cheapest LED lights made today are COMMON ANODE which are widespread in Asia. A Common Anode LED strip share a common POSITIVE lead and the negative side of the circuit is switched. For these lights the positive side of the circuit is always energized. This is NOT however the typical circuit design in the UNITED STATES particularly for 12vdc. In the United States, the typical 12vdc circuit shares a common NEGATIVE lead and the positive side of the circuit is switched. Think of your car battery. The negative side of the battery goes to ground (the car chassis) and that ground is common (shared) with all 12vdc devices in the vehicle (radio, lights, nav system, horn, etc). The positive side of the circuit is only energized when your car is in use. When the car is off, the circuit is not energized. This is how BOOGEY LIGHTS® controllers and LEDs are built. Why? Lots of reasons but briefly it's a safer design (think "UL" approved), it's more robust in terms durability and allows full 12v power to be applied directly to each LED instead of being shared amongst all LEDs (making them the brightest they can be). Of course it's also more expensive to build a controller that switches the positive side of the circuit which is why most every LED strip being sold today in the RV and motorsports space tends to be Common Anode. So before you try to hook-up a Boogey Lights® controller to any other brand of LED, make sure that LED is a COMMON CATHODE LED strip.
My lights are turning on by themselves?
If you have a wireless remote it is possible that another device is activating the controller. Our wireless remote controls use radio frequencies that are common in the garage door opener industry so yours or neighbors garage remote may be turning on your lights. To prevent this we recommend the use of our inline pushbutton on/off switch. This will turn off the power to the remote control module. To break the connection to your neighbor’s garage door opener, follow the instructions on our site to reset/pair the remote to the controller. Here’s the link to our Installation Instructions section where you can find resetting/repairing information.
My lights are draining my battery. What can I do?
If you have a wireless remote it is possible that even though the lights are not on, the small amount of power the controller draws will drain a weak battery over many months of sitting idle. We have a couple of suggestions. First, if you aren't using a battery tender during those times when your bike is sitting idle, you might consider buying one. Lots of reasons to use a battery tender but keeping the battery fresh is probably the best reason. Second, we recommend the use of our inline pushbutton on/off switch and to wire it on the NEGATIVE side of the circuit. Since the electrons in a 12vdc circuit run from negative to positive, having the switch on the negative side will ensure power, regardless of the amount, is not making it to the control box at all. You can find a wiring diagram on our Installation Instructions section to make sure you've wired your lights correctly.
Do you have anyone in my area to install the lights?
We are growing our dealer network. Check our dealer listing to see if there is a shop in your town. Know of a good shop you think would be a good fit for Boogey Lights®? Send us their name and any information you have – use our Contact Us form here. We’ll contact them to see if they are interested.
Can I install Boogey Lights™ myself? Or, do I need to have a professional install them?
While many customers prefer to have a professional install Boogey Lights™ on their ride, doing it yourself is relatively simple using our DIY LED lighting kits. With some basic mechanical and 12vdc electrical knowledge, most of our light kits can be installed in a few hours. If you're undecided as to which way to go, we provide some General Installation Information to give you an idea as to what is involved in installing our lights yourself. We also offer a number of DIY VIDEOS as well as links to our INSTALLATION MANUALS.
Will you be at the next rally in my town?
Check our Rally Schedule here. Know of a good rally we should attend? Let us know and we’ll take a look. Use our Contact Us form here.
My bike looks great! I want to share some pictures with you but how?
You can send a single pic by using our Contact Us form here. Include your name and details of your bike. We love to show off our customers rides! You can also share your photo on the Boogey Lights® Facebook page.
I want to light up my __________ (fill in the blank). Can I use Boogey Lights®?
Hell Yeah! Our lights are perfect for many applications and limited only by your imagination. We can help you light your bike (of course), trike, trailer, atv/utv, car, pickup truck, tractor trailer, golf cart, boat, RV, classic car, bicycle, bar, patio – you name it and we can probably light it! The recent introduction of our LEDS by the Foot are perfect for many applications that weren't as easy to do with our motorcycle accent lights. If you need some help figuring out what to buy use our LIGHTING SUGGESTIONS pages. Answer a few questions and we'll reply back with some suggestions and links. If you need additional assistance, just ask!